About Us

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Our Vision

To give every cause the opportunity to order what they need, when they need it, without cost.

Our Mission

To find value in the needs of global causes by transforming them into meaningful learning and development opportunities for employees.

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Our Story

Ethical Angel was established in 2018 by Alexander Fahie to provide global causes with an easy way to outsource their needs, for free. Enabling charities, social enterprises, NGOs and impactful startups to concentrate their time, energy and money on what really matters.

We knew that the magic ingredient would be building a technology solution that found value in these experiences for all, and so that is what we set out to develop.

Today, the Ethical Angel solution is used by dozens of businesses for many applications, from developing people skills in managers to ensuring graduates can grow. 

We are proud that Ethical Angel has been used by hundreds of causes in over 52 countries, to outsource their needs saving them time, effort and money which can be allocated instead to their beneficiaries.

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Employee Retention Factors

Our business solution is built around Employee Retention Factors that have recorded to reduce voluntary employee turnover.

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"The average cost of replacing just one employee ranges from one-half to two times their annual salary"

Forbes, July 28th, 2021

Voluntary Employee Turnover is costing businesses a fortune and the pandemic has made it worse as employees expect more from their employers:

  • More Flexibility
  • More Purpose
  • More Effective Workplace Training

You can explore our calculator for yourself, just click below:



Our People

A global team of technologists, evangelists and visionaries.

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Lord Hastings CBE



Rosemary Macdonald BEM



Sir Stephen O'Brien CBE

Ambassador Chair


Reverend Steve Chalke MBE



Paul Williams

Chairman of the Board


Alexander Fahie

Founder & CEO


Zak Cook

Non-Executive Director


Tim Marchant CFA CAIA

Non-Executive Director

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Martin Bleazard

Chief Operating Officer

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Tony Pauley

Chief Technology Officer


Peter Moys

Chief Financial Officer

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Alvin Muhwezi

Africa Lead


Ronan Frawley

Product Manager

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Natu Hadish

Head of User Success

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Morgan Kaith

Partnerships Manager


Lucy Cowpe

Partnerships Manager


Joseph Hrycak

Head of Brand

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Shakil Dowla

Head of Partnerships


Henry Butters



Sophie Rihm

Partnerships Manager 'EMEA'

Do You Want To Work At Ethical Angel?

As a fast-growing organisation, we are always looking for talented people. If that is you, get in touch with your CV and reasons for your interest.
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