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By Natu Hadish on July 06, 2022

Charity Partnering with Ethical Angel - why and what does it mean for us? (Clone)

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Ethical Angel is a free outsourcing platform for charities. Our mission is simple: To provide charities with access to resources and support as and when they need it.

We do this by providing a platform that brings businesses together with charities to help each other achieve their objectives. Ethical Angel allows you to connect with skilled professionals who can complete projects to help you with marketing & fundraising, technology, coaching and more.

Why do charities use Ethical Angel?

Ethical Angel makes it easy to connect with skilled professionals who have the knowledge and passion to help you. We develop projects which you can simply order in a few clicks to help you save time on writing briefs and explaining your needs. We create projects based on the feedback and needs of our community of charities. Examples of projects include:

  • Researching grant/funding opportunities
  • Microsoft excel training
  • Blog writing

And plenty more with over 70 projects available for you to request for free on Ethical Angel…

The platform is designed to help you save money and time in a number of ways. We match you with skilled professionals based on their skills and interests for free. All projects can also be completed remotely, which means you are never limited by location and all charities have equal opportunities for support.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this quote from Stuart, Chair at Baggator who received some first class free support on a brand review project from the Head of Brand at a large multinational company through Ethical Angel:

"I do deal with quite extensive corporate stuff and I've got a very good idea of how much I'd be paying, if I was paying for this... it is more than it costs us to rent the building for a year... it is serious stuff!"

Why do businesses use Ethical Angel?

Ethical Angel initially started to show businesses that they could work with charities in more meaningful ways beyond the traditional volunteering initiatives, like litter-picking and fence painting. Instead they could help by providing their skills. However, we quickly realised that employees were getting more out of their experiences than simply supporting causes they care about. They were learning.

So, we adjusted to enable employees of businesses to use Ethical Angel to provide their people with opportunities to flex and develop their skills whilst making an impact. Individual employees are matched with you on the basis that working with them can provide a mutual benefit. That’s where Ethical Angel differs from other volunteering platforms and initiatives. We recognise that there’s better ways to connect businesses and the third sector beyond volunteering and ultimately, that your needs are valuable. We understand that investing in the needs of charities can be beneficial to everyone, as businesses develop their people and you save time, energy and money by outsourcing your needs.

That’s why we see charities as our partners and not simply as beneficiaries. We are a community and we want to work with you to make the world a better place by providing an environment where you can benefit from the resources of the private sector, whilst showcasing the importance and value of supporting good causes along the way.

Want access to skilled professionals?

To enable charities around the globe to receive the support they need as and when they need it, Ethical Angel is working tirelessly to bring on board new businesses to support our community of charities which already stretches across over 50 countries, with 1600 individual organisations signed up.

With a recession looming, we recognise that opportunities for funding/support for charities are likely to be few and far between in the near future. As a result of the financial crash in 2008, The March 2010 Charity Commission report found that 62% of charities had seen a reduction in investment income, and 29% in fundraising income. We are keen to provide our free resource far and wide to mitigate the impact of a financial crisis on the crucial work of organisations like yours. 

As our partners, we ask that your trustees share details of Ethical Angel with their network to connect us with more businesses who want to join our community and share their resources with you. With more businesses, we can bring onboard more individual employees which means more skilled professionals available to complete projects for you. That means more charities getting what they need, more businesses retaining and developing their staff and benefits to people, planet and profit for all.

What you need to do next

Our ask is simple: direct your contacts who work for businesses to sign up to check out Ethical Angel and book a demo to find out more. If you have contacts working in the learning & development space they may be particularly receptive to learning more about Ethical Angel.

So simply share this link with your network of business contacts to ensure charities and good causes can get the help they need through the recession and beyond…

Published by Natu Hadish July 6, 2022
Natu Hadish