Alex Fahie
By Alex Fahie on January 05, 2021

Barclays - a subscriber case study

Ethical Angel CEO, Alexander Fahie interviews Charlotte Tomlins, Senior Employee Engagement Manager for Barclays.  With thousands of users, Barclays has seen a 270% increase in user activity on Ethical Angel from pre-pandemic. Virtual experiences are being embraced and the benefits are clear.

Click on the videos below to see Charlotte's responses to each of the questions.


✅ Question 1. "Has COVID19 changed the way you use Ethical Angel?"


✅ Question 2. "Has your employee engagement program changed with COVID19?"


✅ Question 3. "Has going virtual with employee engagement worked?"


✅ Question 4. "How is Barclays responding to social challenges?"


✅ Question 5. "Does embedding purpose help with other parts of the business?"


✅ Question 6. "How would you introduce Ethical Angel to other leaders?"



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Published by Alex Fahie January 5, 2021
Alex Fahie