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By Child Aidee on May 02, 2021

"Finding Hope Again" a story.

It was the first time we saw her smile.

Sometimes it only takes a relatively small intervention to change someone’s life, and in the case of Anya (raising her 3 children on her own) it’s a positive and life-transforming change for all the family.          

Recently her youngest son got pneumonia and was seriously hospitalized.

Our partner, Family Love, supported this family during this difficult time with medicines, food and with home essentials. They even arranged for a proper water supply to be installed.

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Recently her eldest son, who is sick with epilepsy and schizophrenia, has had frequent seizures.

His mother is forced to tie him in bed during the night so that he does not fall. As he grows older, it becomes harder and harder to restrain and calm her aggressive son, who poses a danger to younger brothers and sisters. The situation is really difficult but she doesn’t want to send her son to an Institution

Along with Family Love we will continue to bring spiritual and material support to this family. Anya told us she will never forget this.

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With your support women like Anya can dream of a better future for their family. To support ChildAidee or find out more about their work in Eastern Europe visit :


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Published by Child Aidee May 2, 2021
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