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Ethical Angel is a free marketplace and knowledge base for causes.

Causes are those charities, startups, social-enterprises, NGOs and non-profits making our world better.

As a member, causes can order as many projects as they like on areas from marketing and operations to fundraising and outreach. For free.

Projects are completed by our angels - employees of business subscribers who value the way Ethical Angel packages your needs for their learning and development. 

  • Need an audience analysis? No problem.
  • Marketing strategy? Consider it done.

So, what're you waiting for? Become a member today totally free of charge and get unlimited access.


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How It Works

Our unique approach has been developed to provide you with a fast, easy, and efficient way to order the projects you need for your cause. From sign up to recruitment and delivery of completed projects, we’ve streamlined the process which allows you to focus on what really matters: Your mission.

Create Your Profile

Getting started on Ethical Angel couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is set up your membership profile by providing us with key information about your cause and the UN Sustainable Development Goals you support.


Order Projects

After you sign up, you’ll be able to request help with over 60 project types, from design or marketing support, to fundraising and operations plans. Once selected, Ethical Angel will match your project with an angel that has the skills and passion to help.


Engage With Volunteer

When a angel requests to complete your project, you’ll be able to speak with them directly via our secure messaging service to discuss your project to ensure they understand your needs, then they can start work.


Review And Feedback

Once they’ve completed the project, your angel will come back to you for a final review to get feedback and ensure they have delivered everything you need. At this stage you will feedback to the angel on your experience.


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Learn more about Ethical Angel

Watch this short video to learn more about the way Ethical Angel works:

Projects Available

Ethical Angel was created to be the go to solution for any good causes looking to outsource their needs,, whatever the challenge. That’s why we offer over 60 projects, covering all aspects of running a cause under 8 core categories, which include:




The fundraising section covers partnerships & other methods of generating funds. Covering digital fundraising, grant proposal writing & corporate partnerships, this section aims to help you develop a robust and efficient fundraising strategy, empowering you to reach and surpass your fundraising goals.

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From volunteer recruitment & general HR policy advice to equality and diversity support, this section will help you meet all your policy and process-related needs.This section covers policy and practises to help you ensure you’re compliant with the relevant regulations & have the right measures in place.

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The marketing section is broken down into subcategories including: branding, comms, marketing, digital marketing & PR. From campaigns, to brand reviews and online engagement - this section contains projects which empower you to put your best foot forward and create engaging content to build your brand and community.

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This section covers app development, web development and IT support. Whether you’re developing or improving your website & apps, or just need some expert insight and training on areas like cybersecurity or Microsoft excel, you can get the tech support you need here.

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If you need help with a needs assessment, business planning or expert advice on CRM/database systems, these projects will help you get organised and build the infrastructure to plan ahead on how you will meet your needs. Come in and have a look.

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This section covers design, media production and writing. So if you need compelling written content, new graphic designs or engaging video content, you can find angels with the creative flair and technical skill to produce high quality, professional content for what you need.

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Admin and Research

In this section, you’ll find projects on translation & research, to help you with growth, development and accessibility. Translation will enable you to expand the reach of your content/resources, whilst research projects will help you collate information on relevant opportunities that could benefit your organisation.

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Strategy and Leadership

This section covers soft and hard skills and provides you with the opportunity to receive one-to-one, ongoing support from an expert in areas like leadership and change management to operations and social media. These projects will help upskill your team and equip you with vital skills for your organisation's development.

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Why Use Ethical Angel?


Reduce Workload


Ethical Angel is designed to reduce your workload, rather than add to it - so you never have to worry about getting tasks completed. We match you directly with angels that have the skills needed to support with the project you request, so there’s no lengthy interview process, making it easy for you to outsource work and extend your team. 


Save Money on Consultants and Freelancers


Engaging with consultants or freelancers for additional support can be expensive, and it takes vital funds away from your beneficiaries. At Ethical Angel, we provide access to thousands of angels with the right skills to help, totally free of charge. This has saved our causes thousands of pounds, allowing them to maximise their impact without having to compromise on the quality of their work.


Focus On What Matters


We understand the challenges of working at a non-profit, juggling tasks and being pulled away from the core mission of your organisation. By providing tailored support, we aim to empower you to focus on what really matters, your beneficiaries and the amazing products, services or support that you offer to them.
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A Totally Flexible Solution


Ethical Angel provides you with the flexibility to get skilled volunteers or learn on-demand. This means you can drop in as and when you need support, reducing the need for admin and ongoing management and allowing you to scale up and down in line with demand for your services.

The Masterclass Zone

Upskill your team and get more from Ethical Angel
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At Ethical Angel, we wanted to go beyond our outsourcing marketplace, matching skilled angels to good causes, helping them to upskill their employees and understand the benefits of all the projects available to them on our platform. That’s why we created the Masterclass Zone. 

The Masterclass Zone is filled with 9 courses and 57 individual video lessons, each covering topics and skills specifically designed for the benefit of non-profits. 

That’s not all though, each course is linked directly to a project on Ethical Angel, so if you want additional support after completing a Masterclass, you can request it directly from one of our virtual volunteers.


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Catch22 has been interested in Ethical Angel since their concept stage and have actively worked with them in their development. As a social business, we love how the platform provides a valuable resource to charities and businesses alike.

Chris Wright CEO, Catch22


I found the website easy to navigate and ordered a volunteering project for our small charity based in Suffolk. I received timely and supportive emails from Ethical Angel and was matched with a great volunteer. I would never have found the volunteer or got the advice without Ethical Angel. I'll be using them again in the future and would thoroughly recommend them to other charities.

Caroline Rutherford CEO, Just42

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Ethical Angel offers the prospect of matching expertise with a host of challenges, large and small, which charities like the NSPCC welcome specific assistance with.

Sir Peter Wanless CEO, NSPCC


Ethical Angel is a very effective organisation for charities to find volunteers for a range of specific projects. They communicate regularly to ensure the volunteer/charity relationship is efficient and fruitful for both parties. We will definitely use Ethical Angel again for future projects.

Karen Rockwell CEO, Beat SCAD

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We have found Ethical Angel to be a amazing resource and our first port of call for strategic thinking, practical advice and creative design. They get a huge thumbs up from Amigos Worldwide!

Phil Pugsley CEO, Amigos Worldwide

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Helpful support for a website review project. The process was smooth and easy from a charity perspective. Our Ethical Angel volunteer gave us a really helpful and honest review, which will help us in the next stage of our update. Clear communication and support from Ethical Angel. 

Richard Beesley Founder, JAR

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