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Ethical Angel is a free marketplace and knowledge base for charities, social enterprises, non-profits and purpose-driven businesses. By signing up, you can order projects to support you with marketing, website design, operations, fundraising and more, for absolutely no cost to you or your cause. Once you order a project, it's completed by one of our skilled volunteers.

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Ethical Angel is designed for causes (charities, social enterprises and impact entrepreneurs) from anywhere in the world. We want to support any organisation that is working with purpose to make our world better. 

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Ethical Angel gives causes access to over 60 projects that can be requested on-demand. Allowing you to get the help you need whenever you need it from employees in some of the worlds leading organisations.

5-Dec-14-2021-10-55-34-93-AM Why use it?

If your cause needs to save time, energy and money by outsourcing projects to allow you to focus more on your mission - then Ethical Angel is the platform for you. And the best bit is, we'll never charge causes a penny to use our platform.

I deal with quite extensive corporate stuff and I've got a very good idea of how much I would be paying for projects if we were not using Ethical Angel. It's more than it costs us to rent our building for a year, so this is a serious saving!

Stuart Phelps Chairman, Baggator

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Ethical Angel creates projects that are both valuable for causes - like you - and for employees at great organisations to learn from.

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What Projects Can You Order?

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10-2 Creativity

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10-2 Fundraising

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8-Dec-15-2021-01-57-48-08-PM Management

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10-2 Marketing

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10-2 Policy

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9-4 Strategy

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11-4 Technology

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What Causes Say About Ethical Angel

Catch22 has been interested in Ethical Angel since their concept stage and have actively worked with them in their development. As a social business, we love how the platform provides a valuable resource to charities and businesses alike.

Chris Wright CEO, Catch22


I found the website easy to navigate and ordered a volunteering project for our small charity based in Suffolk. I received timely and supportive emails from Ethical Angel and was matched with a great volunteer. I would never have found the volunteer or got the advice without Ethical Angel. I'll be using them again in the future and would thoroughly recommend them to other charities.

Caroline Rutherford CEO, Just42

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Ethical Angel offers the prospect of matching expertise with a host of challenges, large and small, which charities like the NSPCC welcome specific assistance with.

Sir Peter Wanless CEO, NSPCC


Ethical Angel is a very effective organisation for charities to find volunteers for a range of specific projects. They communicate regularly to ensure the volunteer/charity relationship is efficient and fruitful for both parties. We will definitely use Ethical Angel again for future projects.

Karen Rockwell CEO, Beat SCAD

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We have found Ethical Angel to be a amazing resource and our first port of call for strategic thinking, practical advice and creative design. They get a huge thumbs up from Amigos Worldwide!

Phil Pugsley CEO, Amigos Worldwide

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Helpful support for a website review project. The process was smooth and easy from a charity perspective. Our Ethical Angel volunteer gave us a really helpful and honest review, which will help us in the next stage of our update. Clear communication and support from Ethical Angel. 

Richard Beesley Founder, JAR

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