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Showcasing Corporate Giving

At Ethical Angel, we strongly believe that all companies should benchmark their corporate giving to understand how they can do more to give back. To raise the profile of corporate giving in organisations around the world, we have funded and launched the Corporate Giving Index. The CGiX has been designed to raise awareness of and showcase corporate giving. To see your CGiX score, just complete the fields below.

Ethical Angel is the 2021 sponsor of the Global Good Awards; "Community Investment Award". All you need to enter is your volunteering and donations data from the last financial year - it is totally free to enter.

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CGiX - Calculator

To benchmark your organisation, complete our CGiX calculator now with your figures from your last financial year. 


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The 2021 Community Investment Award
This year, Ethical Angel is sponsoring the Community Investment Award at the internationally recognised, Global Good Awards. It is free to enter using your donations and volunteering data from the last financial year (Closing date 31st August 2021).