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How We Score Entrants

Ethical Angel used our CGiX Calculator to score each organisations' community investment across donations, payroll giving and volunteering.

2021 Winners:



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CGiX Entrants



​​By connecting everyone, everywhere, Arm and its extensive ecosystem can help close the digital divide, bridging the gap between those who have access to digital technologies and the 3.7 billion who currently do not.

Total virtual volunteering hours: 5,000
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"Our approach to community investment is fully aligned to the Aviva Sustainability Ambition, with the aim to act now on climate change, build stronger, more resilient communities and embed sustainability into everything we do at Aviva. This includes a range of strategic and tactical partnerships with trusted charities and NGOs, including WWF and the British Red Cross.

At Aviva, we’re proud to use our community investment to make a real difference to communities and the planet."

Total virtual volunteering hours: 29,200
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Capital One

​​"Our commitment to community investment is a vital component of how we operate as a responsible business. We pledge to use our resources to support the communities where we live, work and serve, and make a sustainable difference to people’s lives."

Total in kind donations: £335,403.27
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"In 2020, Co-op invested £44.6m in supporting UK communities. Cash donations included £15m shared between 4500 local Community Fund causes. Colleagues, members and customers raised over £3m for our partnership with Mind, SAMH & Inspire, and 900k for Fareshare. Co-op invested over 323k hours of paid colleague time in community activity, through our Member Pioneers network and colleague volunteering.

We’re entering the 2021 Ethical Angel & Charities Aid Foundation Community Investment Award to celebrate the incredible contribution of Co-op members, colleagues and customers to their communities."

Total in-kind donations: £5,791,173


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"Euromonitor stands by our commitment to spend 1% of our annual turnover to charities.. We have long-term partnerships with 10 headline charities. We offer 2 employee volunteering days a year and match personal charitable donations as well as office fundraisers. This year, we launched a Social Action Challenge which will reward one of our employees with an immersive experience with one of our Headline Charity Partners.

This award is a great opportunity to see how our CSR programme and commitment compares to other businesses in achieving social and environmental results and lasting positive change to the community. We are always looking for inspirations and we will be excited to learn about best practices of other socially and environmentally responsible companies."

Total in person volunteering hours: 26,969
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Janus Henderson

"At Janus Henderson, we believe it’s important for our employees to engage in volunteering and service in order to build a culture that attracts and retains talent, extends the brand and serves local communities. Through the Janus Henderson Foundation, we invest in educational programmes that make a positive impact on future generations.

We entered this award to elevate the profile and impact businesses are making in the community. Also, we can share our approach and best practices and uncover new and scalable approaches to philanthropic giving. Finally, this award also allows organisations an opportunity to benchmark their impact."

Total employee fundraising: £38,705
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Japanese Tobacco International

"At JTI UK, we work with charities that promote social inclusion for adults, as well as access to services, education, the digital world and arts. We also provide employee volunteering and fundraising opportunities, with 41%+ of employees participating enabling them to develop their skills for the benefit of their local communities.

Entering awards like this enables us to benchmark against others to ensure continuous improvement and deliver best-practice sustainability programmes. Success would provide great independent evidence that we can use internally to demonstrate JTI UK is achieving high standards and for employees to feel pride in working for a company that is externally recognised in this way."

Total virtual volunteering hours: 2,356.25
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Polymetal International

In 2020, highlights included distributing New Year presents to 600 children (including those from indigenous communities) and learning materials to 370 schoolchildren, as well as helping elderly people, clean-up campaigns and charitable sports events. Overall, approximately 10% of employees volunteered on a regular basis, giving their time to more than 40 campaigns.

Entering The 2021 Ethical Angel & Charities Aid Foundation Community Investment Award is a great way to show our commitment, especially due to the overwhelmingly positive reputation of the Ethical Angel organisation as a whole.

Total in person volunteering hours: 8,000
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Smurfit Kappa

"At Smurfit Kappa we are deeply committed to supporting and contributing to the many communities across all 36 countries we are proud to live and work in. In 2020, we continued to invest significantly in social projects with a donation of €7.7 million. We supported 187 projects with over 8,000 employees giving 2,400 hours of their time impacting the lives of 1.2 million people.

We entered because of the invaluable work that the Ethical Angel and Charities Aid Foundation do to support charities to change lives and communities across the world and we would be proud to be associated with this award."

Total cash donations: £7,000,000

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"We have two key drivers for UBS Community Affairs. The first is to address issues in our local communities. While Community Affairs is a global program, it is delivered through a local focus on addressing inequality and creating opportunity. The second is building our corporate culture. We connect our employees to our local communities through volunteering activities that promote development of a positive business culture. Through Community Affairs, supporting the community and our business go hand-in-hand.

We entered this award to recognise the efforts of our employees and the difference they make to the charities and community partners we support."

Total virtual volunteering hours: 60,582.16

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Top Entrants:




Bird Eyewear

"Every pair of Birds gives back through our Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid. Helping to distribute solar light to families in Zambia and Malawi, replacing the use of fossil fuel burning lamps. Alongside our SolarAid partnership, customers have helped get these solar lights to the rural communities that need them most. To date we have supported over 8000 people.

We entered to help shine a light on the impact of charitable giving as a business. As a brand, our charitable connection is right at the heart of what we do and becomes a meaningful story for our customers too."

Total employee fundraising donations : £300
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Business Design Centre

"A percentage of the company’s profits each year are donated to the Morris Charitable Trust, where members of the family and BDC team meet regularly to find causes close to our hearts that will most benefit from funding in the local area. These tend to be community based projects that support local residents and grassroots charities which have a wide impact in the London Borough of Islington.

We are recognised widely in the local community for our support of the borough and charitable giving, so it would be amazing to receive a formal recognition of this work having been doing it for well over thirty years."

Total in kind donations: £200,000
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EQ Investors Foundation

"Our founders are deeply involved in a charity called Angels of Mercy. It fundraises, collects and delivers food and goods for the homeless. ERA provides support in terms of volunteerism and resources to Angels of Mercy. Additionally, we sponsor children through World Vision, and fund an annual scholarship for university-level Arts and Sciences students. Finally, we invest in creating knowledge resources on environmental sustainability for the public and operate under environmentally sustainable principles.

We entered this award to recognise and show appreciation for the great work that ERA Environmental has consistently done for its community, giving opportunities to others and engaging in more sustainable practices."

Total cash donations: £1,000,000
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ERA Environmental

"Our founders are deeply involved in a charity called Angels of Mercy. It fundraises, collects and delivers food and goods for the homeless. ERA provides support in terms of volunteerism and resources to Angels of Mercy. Additionally, we sponsor children through World Vision, and fund an annual scholarship for university-level Arts and Sciences students. Finally, we invest in creating knowledge resources on environmental sustainability for the public and operate under environmentally sustainable principles.

We entered this award to recognise and show appreciation for the great work that ERA Environmental has consistently done for its community, giving opportunities to others and engaging in more sustainable practices."

Total cash donations: £13,000
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High Speed 1

"So far, we have already surpassed any previous year's contribution in donated time. This represents the 2nd best performance since we started to measure our impact in 2015/16. The introduction of a dedicated Social Sustainability Strategy as part of the organisation's wider HS1 Sustainability Strategy has given us the drive to improve and challenge ourselves to be better.

We have entered the Awards to recognise the sterling efforts made by staff throughout the organisation to achieve our targets. Winning would align with our two recent Gold Standard Investors in People Awards, as we recognise that our staff are our greatest asset and without them we would never be able to deliver our sustainability goals."
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"Jago provided a day-long video shoot to an organisation helping refugees and victims of FGM, donated money for printing and branded merchandise for this endeavour. Our director has been involved with Guiding Lights Leeds, providing strategic, development and design advice. During lockdown Jago offered a series of free online poetry workshops focusing on mindset and creating online content. Finally, we provided free spaces on our Independent Content Creators workshops, teaching people how to create video content with their mobiles.

We entered this award because although we are a small company, we felt aligned with the idea of the awards and remain engaged in continually donating time, money and services as time goes on."

Total in kind donations: £15,500
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Mewburn Ellis LLP

"This year we have made a significant donation to The British Science Association CREST Awards. We have also paid for Help Bristol Homeless to transform a shipping container into a flat, funded Christie Hospital Friend’s Fund that provides emergency one off grants to cancer patients, helped families supported by East Anglia’s Children Hospices, helped fund counselling for the homeless at Shelter from the Storm and donated to the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal, Age UK, The Trussell Trust and NHS Charities Together. We have also donated to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Afghanistan Appeal who are on the ground right now.

We entered this award because we are very proud of our community programme and the help we have been able to provide and wanted to be able to showcase this work."

Total cash donations: £125,507
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PGMS offers a specialised and completely impartial service to the charitable sector. Our core business provides comprehensive data management for payroll giving donors. We use bespoke systems to deliver solutions for all your requirements.

Total employee fundraising donations: £2,550
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"Our corporate giving activities can be summed up as supporting green initiatives, such as tree planting at 10% for the ocean and local community projects. We have also supported international movements through corporate giving, through the Buy 1, Give 1 initiative, and most recently, tripling team donations towards support for Afghanistan.

At Selesti, we’ve been committed to building more than just another digital agency. It’s important to us that we contribute more to the world than profits, and use our business as a force for good.

Total employee fundraising donations: £12,619.85
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Strategic Solutions

"To date, our donations have exceeded £80,000. But it is not just about financial contributions, the range of activities is vast. From paying for a motivational speaker to 8000 pupils to ensuring the survival of the Wimborne Model Railway Society, to sponsoring new apiaries for the Dorset Beekeepers Association in their educational projects, to paying for a new bed in an end-of-life children’s hospice.

Strategic Solutions take our CSR seriously and have had a policy in place since our inception. To receive the Ethical Angel & Charities Aid Foundation Community Investment Award would be great recognition for our continued commitment and something we would all be very proud of."

Total in person volunteering hours: 131.5
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"Our programme benefited a total of 137 organisations and over 13,000 people. Tideway gave £56,704 in charitable donations and £2,000 worth of in-kind donations, with an additional £11,830 in donations from staff fundraising. Tideway’s staff managed 1098 hours including 380 skilled or professional hours as we shifted our focus to remote help, giving pro bono advice or strategic support as Trustees and Governors.

Tideway entered this award as the platform seemed simple and easy to use but at the same time provided an opportunity to highlight a few of our community investment achievements in what has been a very difficult year."

Total virtual volunteering hours: 717.5
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In 2020, Treedom:

• Planted more than 650,000 trees,
• helping to absorb over 150,500 tons of CO2,
• supporting some 40,400 small farmers and beneficiaries in 12 countries.

"The philosophy is to realise sustainable ecosystems and allow thousands of farmers to support the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring food autonomy and income opportunities over time. We want to share our commitment with the local communities we are planting trees with."

Total cash donations: £1,500

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Top Entrants:




Children Hope Forever

"Established in 2008, and gaining registered company limited by guarantee and charity status in 2010, Children Hope Forever is a London based Social enterprise dedicated to supporting young people aged 4-25. Our goal is to give young people the tools and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Total in kind donations: £2,000

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Clear Voice Interpreting Systems

"Clear Voice gives all profits to our parent charity Migrant Help who protect refugees and asylum seekers and others affected by displacement and exploitation. We also provide a training program ‘The In-Power Project’ helping unemployed refugees into education and work. We qlwo funded a National Referral Mechanism advisor for Migrant Help to manage applications of Modern-Day Slavery Victims and trafficking victims and the Youth Welfare Project in Birmingham which looks at meaningful and holistic ways to support young males in the asylum system.

We decided to apply for this award due to our businesses' determination to be ethical in all areas."

Total in kind donations: £1,690,000

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Toybank / The Opentree Foundation

"During COVID, 17 corporate employees participated in our Virtual Volunteering Program. They translated 847 Play2Learn Sheets into five regional languages to reach children in seven regions of India. Toybank Buddy Program and Virtual Play2Learn Sessions had volunteers engage children in play and art, craft, music activities or interactions to build socio-emotional skills.

Happy and healthy childhoods are the greatest reward for us, but being recognized by esteemed forumsis more than an honour for us to acknowledge and celebrate our solid supporters aka volunteers’ backing. It also motivates the team to keep pushing Play, which is still undervalued as a powerful tool for children’s holistic development and happiness."

Total virtual volunteering hours: 800

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This Life - NGO

"This Life entered for the Award as we wanted to acknowledge and recognise our staff, volunteers, board members and committee members, who not only generously give their time and talent to make a difference for the communities we support, but also their generosity in supporting us financially. The donations vary considerably, but every little bit helps and we are proud that they feel motivated and want to stretch their support further. The award is for these people."

Total employee fundraising donations: £1,731

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