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"88% of millennials will choose employers whose Corporate social responsibility values reflect their own."

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic in the workplace has been to push HR and in particular corporate volunteering practices online. The closure of offices and continued social distancing means communication and working together has been through electronic means rather than a physical presence.

This impact can be seen clearly on employee volunteering. Where businesses and employees may have previously arranged and carried out volunteering work in person they are now engaging in virtual  volunteering, using technology to find and connect volunteering employees to charities and enabling them to help and support those organisations through online work. Restrictions on contact have not therefore restricted volunteering.

As lockdown measures ease and work returns to a physical location – the office or elsewhere – there is concern that employers will de-prioritise virtual volunteering, jeopardising this highly valuable option for employees.

This would be a huge mistake for businesses, employee and charities.

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