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6 Questions on the Future of Learning in Universities with Professor Michael Nolan

University students are the future of our workforce. However, most students don’t get the chance to practice the key skills that are necessary for them to thrive in the workplace. At Ethical Angel, we’re on a mission to change that, and recently we spoke to Professor Michael Nolan, a senior lecturer at the University of Minnesota about how universities need to evolve to deliver these skills to maximise the employability of students.

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Are Your Future Leaders Getting Enough Leadership Opportunities?

Are Your Future Leaders Getting Enough Leadership Training Opportunities?

Are Your Future Leaders Getting Enough Leadership Opportunities? On the face of it, this might seem like a strange question, but once you consider it there is merit in asking. At every level, there is a jump for staff members to take when moving into a new leadership role. This is part of what makes hiring from within so hard when filling the void left by an outgoing manager. With that comes inexperience in a range of scenarios, and often there is little room for error as a few small mistakes or missed steps can lead to a loss of respect and belief from the people in your team. 

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Employee Development is Key to Retention - 4 Strategies to Improve Your L&D

Over the last 18 months the working world has gone through its biggest disruption in decades, and with that came new challenges and concerns for employees and employers alike. The first question to grip the world of employment was ‘how are workers going to be as efficient at home as they are in the office?’. A question that employees around the world proved was unnecessary as productivity levels remained around a similar level. 

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Sir Stephen O'Brien, interviewed by Ethical Angel

The State of CSR with Sir Stephen O'Brien CBE: "I'm Shocked That It's Moved so Little"

Sir Stephen O'Brien CBE shocked at the lack of movement in CSR over the last 15 years.


At Ethical Angel, we’re always reaching out to talk to and gain insights from people in all areas of the business community and third sector. Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Sir Stephen O’Brien, Convener of Second Curve and former Trustee of Foundation For Future London, Barts NHS Trust and Music in Secondary Schools Trust, to discuss volunteering and its benefits to both the communities it supports and the private sector. I met with Sir Stephen to discuss the evolution of corporate altruism and employee volunteering. 

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