By Survival International on March 10, 2021

Cause Spotlight: Join Survival International’s run for a better world!


At Ethical Angel, helping the world's global causes is at the heart of what we do. From supporting with marketing and operational strategy to fundraising plans and volunteer recruitment, there are so many ways that our Angels help Causes to reach their goals. We’re always looking for new ways to support our Causes though, so starting this month we will be shining the spotlight on individual Causes, the amazing work that they do, and highlighting additional ways that you can engage with them. 

The first Ethical Angel Cause that we’re shining the spotlight on is Survival International. Survival International is one of the only charities working in partnership with tribal peoples worldwide - from the Amazon to the Kalahari, from the jungles of India to the Congo rainforest, indigenous peoples are constantly under attack by local governments, multi nationals, evangelical missionaries and fortress conservation. 

The work that Survival International does around the world is truly inspiring, and they’ve now launched an exciting new campaign: Run for Survival.


So why not join Survival International in taking a step further for tribal peoples by joining their virtual Run for Survival event?

From 28-30 May, you can join their global community of supporters in a virtual fundraiser race to support tribal peoples’ fight worldwide. Whether you do 5k, 10k or a half marathon - you can run, walk or skate your way to the finish line!

There's no set fundraising target so after registering you can simply focus on your training. Plus you’ll be invited to an exclusive screening of “Run & Become” by Sanjay Rawal, and get sent a package with some exclusive survival kit to get you started!

By taking part in Survival International’s Run for Survival, you’ll help to ensure that they can continue their work in partnership with indigenous peoples; from advocating for their land and human rights to be upheld, to exposing atrocities committed by governments and other bodies. With your support, Survival International can continue growing the platform for tribal peoples to speak out to the world and help ensure they are in charge of their own futures.


Want to help Survival International on their mission to support the world’s tribal people?

To take part, you can register on Survival International’s website here - and invite your loved ones to join you in helping create a better world: for tribes, for nature, and for all humanity.


Look out for our next Cause Spotlight

That’s it for our first Cause Spotlight, we hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about one of the Causes that we work with. Don’t forget to visit our blog next month to see the great work another one of our Causes does around the world. 

Published by Survival International March 10, 2021