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Alvin's Podcast: Richard Beesley the Founder of Juvenile Arthritis Research

In this Podcast, Alvin chats with Richard Beesley the Founder of Juvenile Arthritis Research about the work that they are doing to support those affected by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, the content they have developed to raise awareness of this autoimmune condition, and the research efforts around finding a cure that they've been a part of. Richard also share's JAR's experience working with Ethical Angel and how this partnership has been of vital importance.

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Kenneth Muhangi, Consultant for the World Bank

Alvin's Podcast - Interviewing Kenneth Muhangi, Consultant for The World Bank and Lawyer

In this podcast, Alvin interviews Kenneth Muhangi a lawyer specialising in intellectual property, technology, media, telecommunications and dispute resolution. Kenneth also advises the Government of Uganda, sits on the Committee on Management of Intellectual Property Assets under the Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development and is a consultant for The World Bank.

Podcast May 1
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