Join our community and enjoy no restraints on helping others. This a link test. This is bold text. This is italics text. Develop your skills in an environment supported by your employer. Remote, physical and specific-goal opportunities allow you to support ethical causes globally. With our Angel Passport, we automatically catalog who you’ve helped, where, how and the impact you had, removing obstacles to jumping into your next challenge.


Become a more efficient driver of social change – add purpose to your business and empower your workforce by providing them with a tool to develop their skills in a way that benefits society. Our live reporting dashboard tracks ten individual metrics of your global positive impact in addition to monitoring your ongoing commitment to the UN SDGs.


Our platform makes it more valuable for businesses to help you, so take advantage of it. Ask for help and ask for advice. Use the platform to find skilled people, from amazing companies, who want to help you. We make it easy, to connect you with the specific skills that you lack internally, so you can focus more of your resources on delivering your transformational work.


This is a link test. Ethical Angel exists to provide a scalable, value-adding experience to businesses who want to embed purpose into their daily activity.

Our engaging platform enables purpose-led personal and professional development, empowering employees to develop and share their skills for intellectual and emotional reward.   

We provide realtime data, with verified impact to measure and report your businesses' ongoing impact on society.  

We help you, to help your staff, to help the world.



The Ethical Angel platfrom is easy to use and set up for all users. Business admins have full oversight of staff activity and comprehensive management functionality. 

Charity admins can use a our simple upload feature for opportunities then swiftly interact with the Angels, who are presented with a beautiful navigation experience.

Experience the same intuitive functionality from your desktop, tablet or mobile.