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Built for the teams of today, Ethical Angel combines revolutionary experiential learning with purpose-led projects that don't just deliver learning gains, they truly engage staff and allow them to turn their learning time into an engine for global good.

The results? Your staff gain more skills from training, are more engaged with your business, and have made a difference in the world by supporting a charity, social enterprise or NGO.

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3-Dec-14-2021-10-55-34-92-AM Deliver Results 

Experiential learning as part of a blended learning experience is proven to be the most effective way to develop and embed skills. Whether soft skills like problem solving and communication or technical skills like video editing and strategy development, our platform has the experiences your learners need to achieve their aspirations.

4-Dec-14-2021-10-55-34-89-AM Empower Learners 

Learning and development that isn't engaging is wasting your budgets. Ethical Angel combines the three key ingredients that the workforce of today need for engaging learning experiences: Personalisation, Experiential and Purposeful. So stop wasting your budget and choose Ethical Angel for your learners.

5-Dec-14-2021-10-55-34-93-AM Make an Impact

What makes Ethical Angel so special is the purpose linked to every single one of our learning experiences. Every time that your employees engage with our learning experiences to develop their soft or technical skills they aren't just growing as an individual, they're also having a positive impact on our world.


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How Purpose-led Learning Works

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8-Dec-15-2021-01-57-48-08-PM 100% Experiential

Real world experiences for learning.

10-2 Rich Reporting

Easily see how and what your people are learning.

9-4 Skills Targeting

Employees learn what they need to.

11-4 Cost Effective

Provide access to users around the world.

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Experiential Learning That Works for Everyone

No matter what level or role your employees are in, the power of experiential learning can be harnessed virtually on Ethical Angel to drive what matters most.

Net-Promoter Score throughout 2021 - "Brilliant"

"Ethical Angel allowed our managers to work externally, which helped give them a different perspective, pushed them out of their comfort zones and got them to think differently"


Jennifer Stevens

L&D Manager

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