How Learning With Purpose Works

At Ethical Angel, we put the purpose in learning.

Every experiential learning opportunity is a project that's been ordered by a charity, social enterprise, or NGO (Causes, as we call them). This means employees aren't just learning. They're completing purposeful projects that have a global impact. Leading to higher engagement, higher fulfillment, more effective learning and a more valuable employee experience.

We think it's pretty special, and we believe your employees will too.

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How Ethical Angel Works
Why ExL?
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Transforming Learning Into An Engine for Good

Ethical Angel captures the needs of causes through our social marketplace - where charities, social enterprises and NGOs can order the projects they need for the benefit of their organisations.

These projects are then matched with the personal learning needs, skills and interests of employees and managers. Providing them with an engaging, experiential learning experience to practice and develop technical and soft skills. 

Why Experiential Learning?
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How Ethical Angel Delivers Purpose-led Learning:


How it Works

Driving soft skills development for your employees in four steps:

request by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project-01

Causes Order Projects

Charities, Social Enterprises and NGOs from over 52 countries order from Ethical Angel's 83 projects which have been designed to support with anything from HR to marketing.

Change - Created by Nithinan Tatah from The Noun Project-01

Transforming Projects into Learning

Ethical Angel uses AI and our very own skills framework to transform each Cause project into experiential learning experiences that have been matched to specific technical and soft skills.

connect by Chaiwat Ginkaew from the Noun Project

Matching Learners to Learning

Learners sign up to Ethical Angel and complete a skills and aspirations assessment so Ethical Angel can match them to the right projects to develop the technical and soft skills they need to grow and achieve their career goals.

Idea by Dharma Prasetya from the Noun Project-01

Learning by Doing

To start learning, all learners have to do is select an experiential learning project from their personalised dashboard and start working.

This allows them to increase the retention of knowledge from technical skills training by up to 134% and develop vital soft skills.

Feedback - Created by Mohamed Mb from The Noun Project-01

Feedback and Reflection

Causes and learners engage in 360-feedback at the end of each project. This essential feedback gives learners the chance to self-reflect and consolidate learning, see the difference they have made to the cause they were supporting and identify new development opportunities.

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Purpose-led Learning:

For Soft Skills



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For Technical Skills



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Experiential Learning for Every Employee

Leadership & Management


Leadership & Management Training

58% of managers have never had any training. Ethical Angel gives managers and the leaders of tomorrow the opportunities they need today.

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Graduate Development


Graduate Employee Development

88% of graduates feel they lack the necessary soft skills to succeed in the workplace, personalised training on Ethical Angel helps them thrive.

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Employee Retention


Employee Engagement & Retention

94% of employees would stay in their role with investment in L&D. With Ethical Angel's purpose-led learning, you can reduce churn by up to 30%.

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Learning with Purpose


Purpose-led Soft Skill Development

The most engaging learning experiences are meaningful. Ethical Angel builds a culture of purpose with its micro-learning projects.

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Student Skills


Student Employability & Job Readiness

67% of students feel universities should be better training them for a career. Ethical Angel delivers career readiness for your students.

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