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Creating a scalable strategy is essential to the success of a employee volunteering programme, but where do you start? In this guide, we show you 5 key steps to take when building an employees volunteering strategy.

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  • The importance of creating an employee volunteering strategy
  • How to set your missions and aims
  • The best ways to engage stakeholders with your programme
  • What you need to consider when formalising volunteering
  • Which metrics are key to measuring success
  • How to iterate and improve your programme once it's running
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The popularity of corporate volunteering is growing rapidly, with companies of all shapes and sizes recognising the benefits of encouraging staff to take up digital and skills-based volunteering opportunities with a variety of charitable organisations. The appeal of the concept is clear – your staff gain valuable experience and learning while leveraging their skills and training to assist worthy causes, in turn playing a key role in your corporate social responsibility strategy and demonstrating to your stakeholders your commitment to being a responsible business.

Although this might sound straightforward enough on the surface, in reality corporate volunteering is an involved process that must be managed correctly. It’s easy to think that you can simply pick some charities and send your staff to volunteer there, but you’ll need a strategy to identify what sort of volunteering is right for your company, how to keep staff engaged and whether your volunteering programme is serving your and your stakeholders’ best interests.

Achieving optimal results for all parties means setting clear goals, having a plan in place and developing your approach over time.

To ensure you're employee volunteering strategy is set up for success, download our strategy guide today. 

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"corporate volunteering is an involved process that must be managed correctly"