By Ethical Angel
on February 25, 2022
Over the last few years, there is one thing that has defined L&D more than anything, and that is change. Whether that be embracing new and improved technology, the rise to the senior table, or ...
By Ethical Angel
on November 11, 2021
The CIPD definition of learning and development is to create the right culture and environment for individuals and organisations to learn and grow. But currently, some would say, it’s not fulfilling ...
By Ethical Angel
on May 11, 2021
When you were at school, you may remember that we were constantly told that the best way to learn was by doing… Of course, most of us didn’t take any notice of this advice and carried on with the ...
Alex Fahie
By Alex Fahie
on February 06, 2021
I founded Ethical Angel in 2018 to digitise volunteering.