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Reaction to the pandemic, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and adoption of AI are changing the skills employers need to thrive in the future of work, and crucially the way employees are taught them.

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  • How to drive soft skills development with experiential learning
Driving Learning & Development Through Experiential Learning

Many businesses rely on theoretical learning due to its ease of implementation and the ability to give a consistent learning experience to all staff.

However, opting for a heavily theoretical approach in the hunt for consistency and ease of application ignores the clear benefits that are offered by experiential learning for both job specific and soft skills.

In this white paper, we discuss the benefits of experiential learning, how it can be harnessed to drive employee learning and development, and how advances in technology have made it a scaleable solution for training that businesses should not longer ignore. 

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Retention of learning can increase from 29% to 68% when using experiential learning