Corndel is an award-winning training provider specialising in management and digital skills.

They use Ethical Angel's Learning with Purpose solution. Here is their story.

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The Challenge

Corndel Group came to Ethical Angel in 2022 wanting to explore new offerings they could provide their customers. They needed a solution that would stand out on their programme and allow learners to practice behaviours in a unique and engaging way.

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The Solution

The team needed to demonstrate to Corndel the power and personalisation of 'Learning with Purpose'.  We invited one of their leaders to experience the solution for themselves as a learner. The results surpassed all expectations of Corndel and the cause.

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Understanding the Learners

When a learner is invited onto Ethical Angel they create a profile where they record the sector they work in and their seniority. They are then matched with a cause that fits the criteria.

This ensures that Ethical Angel can generate projects that each learner can complete and then match them with causes they will love.

The Project

Based on the Sector, Seniority, and Interests of the Cornel learner the project generated was, 'CEO Mentoring - with a focus on improving culture'.

Once a project is generated, it is promoted to the Ethical Angel cause community around the world. Dozens of causes ordered the project and Corndel were matched with a cause based in London, UK.

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The Cause

The cause is called In GOOD Company. They are a social enterprise start-up that helps people find the best ethical and for-good local businesses and experiences.

4 Stages - 4 Goals

Every project on Ethical Angel is broken into 4 stages; Discover, Design, Deliver and Review. Each stage targets different competencies for the learner to experience, practice and develop.

At the end of each stage both the learners and causes are surveyed for 360 feedback on the learning goals.

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Corndel's Targeted Competencies

|Discovery Stage|


"Consider long-term implications of solutions"

|Design Stage|

Achieving results:

"Demonstrate the ability to analyse problems and generate solutions"

|Deliver Stage|

Decision making:

"Manage their own behaviours in a conscious and productive way"

|Review Stage|

Continuous improvement:

"Identify and remove barriers to aid collaboration"

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The Outcome

The learners had the opportunity to practice competencies in a real-world setting. Every participant recorded a positive net-promoter score both for the learning experience and the impact.

The cause, In GOOD Company took the time to record their own testimonial for each of the stages and their overall experience which you can watch by clicking below.

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I enjoyed the project and found it both an interesting challenge and a rewarding exercise. A really interesting way to hone skills and behaviours while making a real-life difference to amazing businesses. I enjoyed the process which provided constructive feedback and challenge, run by a fantastic team at Ethical Angel.

Lucy Auchincloss 

Director of the Leadership Academy | Corndel

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If you would like to learn more about Ethical Angel book a 20 minute video call with one of our team to see how we can map the competencies you want to practice and develop to our 'Learning with Purpose' projects.

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