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The Challenge

Rolls Royce needed to find a different way of learning for their Talent Cohort Team. Rolls Royce wanted an engaging platform that would allow learners to give back to charities which aligns with their values.

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The Solution

The team at Ethical Angel considered the learning objectives and what mattered to the learners. The learners were then put into teams and invited onto Ethical Angel where projects were matched with them.

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Understanding the Learners

When a learner is invited onto Ethical Angel they create a profile where they record the sector they work in and their seniority. They also complete a psychometric profiler and record the causes they are interested in.

This ensures that Ethical Angel can generate projects that each learner can complete and then match them with causes they will love.

The Project

Based on the Sector, Seniority, Personality Profile and Interests of the Rolls Royce learners the project generated was, 'CEO Mentoring - with a focus on improving performance'.

Once generated, the project was then promoted to the Ethical Angel cause community. The Rolls Royce team, based on their preferences, were matched with a cause in Uganda.

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The Cause

The cause in Uganda was called ANCHOR Africa. A non-profit, NGO whose goal is to reduce the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency.

4 Stages - 4 Goals

Every project on Ethical Angel is broken into 4 stages; Discover, Design, Deliver and Review. Each stage targets different competencies for the learner to experience, practice and develop.

At the end of each stage both the learners and causes are surveyed for 360 feedback on the learning goals.

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Rolls Royce Targeted Competencies

|Discovery Stage|

Collaboration: "demonstrate a high level of commitment to team goals under difficult or adverse situations"

|Design Stage| 

Achieving results: "support others to achieve the business goals by providing clear direction, guidance and support"

|Deliver Stage|

Decision making: "champion collaborative decision making throughout the organisation, encouraging new approaches based on evidence and best practice"

|Review Stage|

Continuous improvement: "Lead continuous improvements across the organisation through the promotion of tools, resources and training"

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The Outcome

The learners had the opportunity to practice competencies in a real-world setting. Every participant recorded a positive net-promoter score both for the learning experience and the impact.

The cause, ANCHOR Africa took the time to record their own testimonial for each of the stages and their overall experience which you can watch by clicking below.



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