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The Challenge

In 2021 PepsiCo came to
Ethical Angel to tackle an
ongoing challenge they faced:
Traditional forms of L&D
don’t embed the behaviours
teams need to work at peak

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The Solution

To overcome this challenge,
they embraced innovation
and delivered behaviour
change interventions for
their leadership team
through the Ethical Angel

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Targeting Behaviours

PepsiCo came to us with a key challenge. To embed new behaviours and improve the coaching and feedback
abilities of their Manager Cohort with training that broke the mould of existing theoretical, content library and classroom-based learning.

Ethical Angel first completed a behavioural analysis with PepsiCo to understand the learning gaps that existed as a result of their current L&D programme and identified four key behaviours that had to be developed in order to achieve their goal.

From this data Ethical Angel created projects that would satisfy the targeted behaviours whilst still be valuable to our global community of causes. Each project lasted 12 hours and was completed over several week and every project targets four behaviours that are experienced by learners at different stages. PepsiCo targeted:

  1. "I am able to observe behaviours and listen deeply to give effective feedback."
  2. "I stretch individuals and push them outside of their comfort zone."
  3. "I coach others to find effective solutions to their own problems."
  4. "I actively listen and welcome the diverse ideas of others."
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Match With a Cause

A core part of the Ethical Angel solution that appealed to PepsiCo was the positive impact that they were able to provide to the charities, social enterprises and NGOs "causes" they were supporting through their behaviour change projects. All causes on Ethical Angel impact one or more United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals.

This sense of purpose was key to their learning experiences, as it provided PepsiCo with a way to use their managers’ intrinsic motivation to make the world a better place to engage them with learning and the need of the cause to nudge projects along.

Causes that PepsiCo have impacted through Learning with Purpose on Ethical Angel include the NSPCC, OLIO, Anchor and many more. The inclusion of purpose resulted in 100% engagement from PepsiCo’s managers


"[The project received from PepsiCo] will have a really significant impact on the way we work. We all took a lot from it and we are committed to applying the learning we gained into our team’s environment"

Harry Winston, Programme Director at NSPCC

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Real-World Learning

The key to success with PepsiCo's Manager Cohort was leveraging Ethical Angel unique ability to deliver real-life learning experiences. Without this, the training would have fallen back to PepsiCo’s more traditional methods of theoretical or simulation based training that PepsiCo believed would have failed to truly embed new behaviours.

This was made possible by our network of Causes, that have real-world challenges that Ethical Angel transform into learning experiences 'projects' that can be matched to each employee based on their learning needs and philanthropic interests.

By providing PepsiCo with real-life opportunities to practice targeted behaviours we were able to create a safe but high-stake environment. Unlike simulation or theoretical learning, the nature of projects with our Causes meant there were tangible deliverables and real deadlines, curve-balls and personalities, which created a level of realism for PepsiCo’s managers that would not have otherwise existed.


"The biggest element of working with Ethical Angel was that it enabled us to have real situations for our managers to work with"

Jennifer Stevens, L&D Manager PepsiCo EMEA

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Reporting and GAP Analysis

The final element of this project that was needed for success was the ability to measure results. This is something that is often seen as challenging with behaviour change programmes. However, thanks to Ethical
Angel’s powerful reporting system, PepsiCo’s L&D team had access to rich data that allowed them to the measure success of behaviour change interventions and guide future employee development.

After the behaviour change challenges, PepsiCo’s managers had taken huge steps forward in the leadership skills set out at the beginning of this project. This shows power of experiential learning for accelerating behavioural change.

The managers that took part in behaviour challenges couldn’t have been happier. This was shown in both their skills self report, where 100% of managers reported improving, and net promoter score for the learning experience, which scored as ‘excellent’.

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Self-Led Learning

Thanks to the success of the Ethical Angel solution for achieving behaviour change through Learning with Purpose, PepsiCo have continued and developed their relationship with Ethical Angel to allow them to further utilise experiential learning.

Jennifer highlighted the value it added to PepsiCo, saying:

“The challenge element is something that we want to embrace and do a lot more with. We’re keen to work with learning partners like Ethical Angel who can create and implement them by connecting us with Causes that need help in this space”.

This success has allowed us to move into the final stage of our behaviour change process (Maintain) to ensure improved behaviours continue to be promoted to their managers. In addition to this, the success of our initial intervention has resulted in PepsiCo broadening the scope of behaviour change in their organisation, allowing us to improve the performance of more members of their team

Learning does not finish with completion of the project. Each learner now has personal reflections and feedback to determine which areas they should practice more with additional projects. Ethical Angel then matches them with the right projects for their learning aspirations as well as matching their personal preferences for the type of cause they want to impact.


"Ethical Angel enabled us to make a real difference and positively impact someone. A lot of the leaders that took part commented on how much they enjoyed that"

Andrew Collier, Head of Learning and Development, PepsiCo EMEA



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