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Would You Like to Retain More Employees?

A Microsoft study has found that 41% of employees are considering resignation this year.

Can you afford that level of churn? Fortunately we can help with:

  • Engagement
  • Development
  • Purpose
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Ethical Angel transforms the needs of society into meaningful experiences for your employees. Delivering a wide range of employee retention factors, proven to engage employees and reduce voluntary employee turnover.

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Retain up to 30% More Employees

With Our Employee Retention Factors


Identify Skills Gaps

Spot skill-gaps across your workforce and let them level up in their own time


Aspirational Development

Offer employees a personal roadmap for their career development


Real-World Impact

Give employees the opportunity to make our world better


360 Learner Feedback

Maximise learning and consolidation of knowledge with 360 feedback


Increase Staff Engagement

We average a +76 Net-Promoter Score for our employee users


Learn with Purpose

Make learning meaningful with projects that support global causes

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Deliver Powerful RoI with Ethical Angel

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ROI Calculator

The cost of employee churn depends on several factors. To calculate the loss, you need to consider not just the cost of recruitment, but also:

  • Productivity loss
  • The time it takes for staff to become fully effective in their new role
  • Advertising costs
  • Agency fees
  • Cost of equipment (including uniform, badges/passes, desk equipment, etc.).

Based on the average UK salary across sectors the financial impact is £30,614 per employee. Using this, the average Voluntary Employee Turnover for each sector in 2020 and your employee headcount we can estimate your annual cost and the ROI of subscribing to Ethical Angel and benefiting from our unique Employee Retention Factors.



Cost of employee churn


Saving due to Employee Retention Factors

£ annually

Ethical Angel Subscription

£ annually

Total Net Savings

£ annually



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