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Barclays have been using Ethical Angel for several years. In this case study, our Barclays sponsor reflects on their experience before, during (and hopefully soon... after) COVID.

Ethical Angel CEO, Alexander Fahie interviews Charlotte Tomlins, Senior Employee Engagement Manager for Barclays. With thousands of users, Barclays has seen a 270% increase in user activity on Ethical Angel from pre-pandemic.Virtual employee experiences are being embraced and the benefits are clear.

✅ Question 1. "Has COVID19 changed the way you use Ethical Angel?"

BSC - Covid change EA use

✅ Question 2. "Has your employee engagement program changed with COVID19?"

BCS - Covid effect

✅ Question 3. "Has going virtual with employee engagement worked?"

BCS - Employee engagement

✅ Question 4. "How is Barclays responding to social challenges?"

BCS - Response to social change

✅ Question 5. "Does embedding purpose help with other parts of the business?"

BCS - Purpose

✅ Question 6. "How would you introduce Ethical Angel to other leaders?"

BCS - How would you introduce EA?

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