How can I make more angels aware of the work our organisation is doing?

Get more Angel awareness with our monthly Cause Spotlight.

We’re going to be shining the spotlight on one Cause each month. Whether you'd like to promote a campaign, share some insight/research your organisation has to offer or simply promote your projects, you can now submit your ideas to the Ethical Angel Team for how you'd like to raise awareness of your Cause on our blog. Once published, your articles can be viewed by angels who can help you build awareness and interest in your organisation within our network of businesses and beyond!

Speak to the team if you’d like to be one of the Causes included in our monthly spotlight and they can tell you if there’s space...

Please make sure to always include: (1000 word max/doc format & 500KB picture of your choice):

  • What kind of organisation are you & what work you do?
  • Recent Ethical Angel projects
  • How angels can find out more information if they need to?

And reach out to the team about one of the following you'd like to speak about: 

  • Campaign news/updates
  • A recent success story
  • Any challenges your organisation has faced during Covid-19