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How do probono projects work?

All probono projects on Ethical Angel follow the same structure. They are broken down into 4 consistent stages to make it easy for you to get started and work through your project with minimal fuss. You will be prompted to complete a 2 question survey between each stage to  capture your feedback and allow us to understand your experience and/or intervene if any support is needed.

Before beginning a project, you should read through the 4 stages and the 'what you will need' section to understand what the process and expectations will look like. The 4 stages will be explained below:

Stage 1: 'Discovery' 

Typically this stage is the first interaction between a cause and an angel. We expect angels to be using this period to ask questions, put together a short proposal and establish a direction for the project. You should try to share as much information as possible with the angel at this stage.

Stage 2: 'Design'

At this stage, the angel is expected to begin working independently/with their team to plan and draft the first version of the project. The angel will use information collected in stage 1 to complete this stage.

Stage 3: 'Delivery'

This stage is your opportunity to receive a presentation and review the first draft of the project. It allows you to collaborate and reflect with the angel to get the most out of the project. Be sure to share your feedback at this stage so the angels can provide you with exactly what you need.

Stage 4: 'Review'

At this stage, the angel should incorporate any feedback provided by you in stage 3 to deliver their final draft to successfully deliver on the agreed actions. Then the project can be signed off as complete.

All projects will run with the same 4 stage structure to provide you with a simple and consistent experience.