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How long do projects run for?

A project on Ethical Angel will run for 6 weeks in total. Projects are broken down into 4 stages (find out more here.)

Here's a quick video explainer on how the 4 stages should run over the course of 6 weeks:


Alternatively, you can read about how projects run over the course of 6 weeks below:

  • Stage 1 will run for roughly 1 week. Please use this time to share information and agree actions with the angels over a call.
  • Stage 2 will  run for 2 weeks. The angels will take away the information and work on the agreed actions in stage 2. They will submit a first draft at the end of stage 2.
  • Stage 3 will run for 1 week. You should arrange a call for the angels to present their first draft so you can provide some feedback.
  • Stage 4 will run for up to 2 weeks. The angels will implement any final feedback/changes based on the discussion in stage 3. 

After completing the 4 stages over the course of 6 weeks, you can sign off your project (find out more here).