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I am having trouble logging in, can you help me?

If you're having any issues logging in to Ethical Angel, please check that you've acknowledged The following:

  • Please contact your IT staff to ensure that the ethicalangel.com domain has been whitelisted on your system if you cannot access Ethical Angel.
  • Note that Ethical Angel is only available via your desktop/laptop computer and cannot be accessed through mobile/tablet devices.

If you are still unable to login, here's a video guide on re-setting your password:


Additionally, if you face login issues:

  • Check that the email and password you have entered match the ones you used to set up your account. Our system is case sensitive, first make sure you have entered your email and password in lowercase.
  • Make sure to check ‘agree’ to the terms and conditions when you login. This needs to be checked every time you login.
  • Make sure you have agreed to cookies. This is important for us to give you the best experience possible.
  • Try refreshing the page if you still face issues.

It is possible that some browser defaults might have previously been changed, so always try in another browser if you still can’t access the website or login.

If this still doesn't work try resetting your password. Still no luck? Contact us directly!