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I have just received the first draft of the project and completed stage 2, what happens next? (Stage 3)

This article will cover what is expected of you at stage 3 of your project. 

You can watch a quick step-by-step video guide here:


Alternatively, you can simply follow the instructions provided below:


Stage 3: 'Delivery'

  • Once the angels have shared a first draft, you should arrange some time with them to talk through their work. You can send them a message on the platform suggesting some times for a meeting, like in the image below
  • The angels will present their work to you in the meeting. Please use this time to assess the first draft, provide feedback and let the angel(s) know if there's anything else you would like them to include in their final draft
  • This stage can be completed quickly, as it will only require a short call. It should take up to 1 week to complete this stage.
  • You will then be expected to complete a stage 3 survey (2 questions long, it should take around 1-2 minutes to complete)