I have received an application but the angel profile does not include much information, how do I proceed?

Angel profile's are peer assessed, which means that Angels skills and performance will be rated by causes (charities, social enterprises, NGOs, NPOs, startups etc) based on projects they have completed. However, as we have recently launched, we are still building our dataset, which will develop as Angels complete your projects and Causes rate their performance and skills.
We suggest approving applicants, even with limited profile information as you will have the option to message them and discuss further in the 'scope' stage. Please also be assured that our technology matches you with Angels based on their skills and interests so whilst there is currently limited information available, Causes can feel comfortable knowing the Angels should have a good level of competency to contribute.
Causes can also order the project again should you want to still search for new applicants, whilst working with an Angel on the same project.