What do I need to create a profile?

To successfully register as a Cause on Ethical Angel, please ensure you have a completed profile with all the sections filled. If you need help with adding imagery to your profile, please read our FAQs for the appropriate logo and banner dimensions.  

For a video guide on creating your profile, see here.

Additionally, please ensure you have a good profile description which should be short and simple, letting the Angel know what you're about without losing the core message of your work. We'll also need your charity/company number to verify that you are a registered Cause.

To summarise, a complete profile should include:

  • A logo
  • A banner
  • A short description of your organisation and its work (2 paragraphs recommended)
  • Your charity/company number (this is only used to verify your organisation and is not visible on your profile)
  • Your name and contact details
  • UN SDGs which relate to your work. (Click here to find out more about SDGs)