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What happens if I order a project and do not receive an application?

Please ensure you're signed up to our newsletter to make sure you know what projects are available. Be sure to request your projects before the stated deadline. Ethical Angel is committed to transparency, as we let you know exactly what projects are available, when you can order them and how many people/teams are available to help. 

Our community of charities and good causes spans over 2000 members, so we typically end up over-subscribed in terms of number of projects compared to the number of people available to help, which means it's possible that your project will not be picked up on some occasions. Please be ensured however, we are constantly bringing more angels onboard and there will be more opportunities to receive support.

If you do not receive an application...

To help you manage your orders, we send automatic notifications if you receive no applications after two weeks. The notification will ask if you still need help with the project.

If you do still need help, just click yes. If not, click no and your project will be removed automatically. This allows you to manage your orders and save time on admin when using Ethical Angel.