Talent Management for 2021's Workforce

Engage your staff and increase retention with training experiences that benefit people and planet.



Learn how industry-leading companies like Barclays and bp are increasing staff retention and employee engagement using Ethical Angel.

Staff training with a real difference


The workforce of today don’t just care about training and career development, they care about making a difference to the world’s global causes. This shift creates a new challenge for HR leaders. How do you provide staff with opportunities to support global causes while also improving their skills in the workplace? That’s where Ethical Angel comes in. Working with businesses and charities around the world, we match the real world challenges faced by causes to business professionals, providing employees with the opportunity to work on core skills in a meaningful way.

Forget theoretical


Engagement is one of the biggest challenges with training and development, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Ethical Angel your employees will be working on real projects, and that means real deadlines, real stakeholders, and real world impact. This brings learning to life, resulting in more engaged staff that are better prepared for the challenges they will face when working on similar projects in your business.

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Personalise learning for every employee


In 2020, over 75% of staff wanted learning to be personalised, but many companies are still struggling to meet this need. Ethical Angel makes personalisation a reality with its smart profiling system that analyses every staff member's personality type, skills and learning objectives, then matches them to the right projects.

Take control with targeted projects


Want more control of your employees’ learning? No problem. With our Growth package your people managers are empowered to drive their team’s development by assigning projects, ensuring that they get the most out of their valuable training and development time.

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Break down silos with our fully remote solution


Covid-19 has accelerated the shift to a hybrid workforce, bringing new challenges and increasing the need for systems that can work in a remote environment to break down business silos. Ethical Angel was built from the group up to work remotely, meaning you can focus on providing your staff with the training they need to achieve your business goals.

Develop the Skills that Matter Most

Building critical skills and competencies is the top business priority for 68% of HR leaders in 2021.
With Ethical Angel, you can tackle this priority head on.

Leadership at Ethical Angel



Give your leaders of the future invaluable experience of stakeholder management, project scoping and team leadership.


Teamwork at Ethical Angel



Break down silos and foster a culture of collaboration across your business with cross departmental projects.


Problem solving at ethical angel

Problem Solving


Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills that go beyond theory with real projects for global causes.


Want to find out more?

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