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Virtual Volunteering

Valuable experiences for all

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Platform Insight for 2020
"Virtual Volunteering - The CSR programme you can't ignore" - White Paper
Do you want to know how to use CSR programmes to increase employee net-promoter scores, culture and impact? It is all in our latest white paper.

Easy and Personal

Ethical Angel can be enjoyed by users anywhere in the world at anytime ensuring accessibility without limitations for people of all backgrounds, skill-sets and levels of experience. There will always be a project for you.

Good to know:

  • 100% of users matched with projects that they can deliver to make an impact.
  • +76 "Brilliant" user rating

Safe and Scalable

With our ISO 27001 certification you can be confident that we will manage your data safely. With our >trial >>scale >>>integrate™ deployment plan we can support your objectives for any number of users.

Good to know:

  • 30+ metrics automatically captured and reported on, so you will always know the benefits.
  • Dedicated user success team

Valuable For All

Ethical Angel makes it simple for causes, (charities, Social Enterprises, NGOs and impact startups) to outsource their needs by ordering projects. Saving them tons of time, energy and money that they can then put towards their beneficiaries. 

Good to know:

  • 4000 causes with beneficiaries in 52 countries empowered to order projects on Ethical Angel for free.
  • Revolutionary support for causes.

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Some of our subscribers:

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Why Virtual Volunteering?

With Ethical Angel, you can provide your staff with truly skills-based, virtual volunteering thanks to our unique project based model.

  • No more limitations! 

Our technology ensures that all of your people, whatever their specialism, location or experience will be able to complete projects, together or individually for a cause they care about.

That’s not all though, thanks to Ethical Angel's powerful matching engine, your staff will receive suggested volunteer projects that match their personal skills, interests and personality type, making it even easier for them, and you to make a difference.


Easy Implementation

Delivering employee volunteering across your workforce doesn’t have to be difficult. Businesses of all sizes are turning to Ethical Angel for virtual volunteering opportunities as it’s easy to implement whether you have 50 or 50,000 employees. Once your employees receive their invite, all they have to do is create an account and then they automatically matched with projects. 


Reporting That Matters

We understand the importance of reporting on the impact of your employee volunteering programme. Ethical Angel’s in-depth reporting system tracks every activity to create granular, extractable reports. So, you’ll easily be able to report on the metrics that matter, including the number of staff you’re engaging, Net-Promoter Scores based on their experiences,  how many hours they’ve committed to volunteering, and which UN SDGs they’re contributing to.

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User Success 

Reach your goals faster with expert support and guidance at every step of the way. From deployment planning to onboarding, staff training to strategy guidance with our User Success Team.

For enterprise subscribers we offer to >trial >>scale >>>integrate™ providing a clear roadmap for deployment and KPIs at every stage to ensure you get the best out of Ethical Angel. 

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Global Impact

Our cause partners support all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (UN SDGS). This means you can be confident that your employees can support the types of causes that matter most to them and to you, empowering them to engage and make a global impact, whether it’s on poverty and homelessness, gender equality, or climate action.

All of your UN SDG impact is captured in your live reports.

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Copy of Platform Insight for 2020 (2)
Free Volunteering Strategy Guide
All of the tips you need to meet your employee volunteering goals this year.

Built for Everyone

What Volunteers and Causes Say About Ethical Angel
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It was fantastic to get involved in this project, at a time that worked in my schedule, and support a great charity that's addressing children's mental health during COVID-19.

Rating: 10/10

Website review for Mindstars
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Ethical Angel is a very effective organisation for charities to find volunteers for specific projects.

Rating: 9/10

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Really enjoyed helping this organisation!!!

Rating: 10/10

Image Support for The Global Fund for Forgotten People
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I would never have found the volunteer or gotten the advice without Ethical Angel.

Rating: 10/10

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Just 42
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I really enjoyed working on this, it is such a good cause and was lovely to learn more about the great work you're doing!

Rating: 10/10

Grant Proposal Review for Secret Wildlife Rescue
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We have found Ethical Angel to be an amazing resource and our first port of call for strategic thinking, practical advice and creative design.

Rating: 10/10

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Amigos Worldwide
Charlotte Tomlins (1)


Barclays - Case Study


We are proud to be working with Barclays since 2019 to ensure their people have the opportunity to engage digitally and make a difference. 


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