Unlock peak performance for your employees with the power of behaviour change

Unsolved behavioural challenges cost businesses millions every year in lost performance and effectiveness. At Ethical Angel, we help businesses to overcome these challenges with targeted interventions that accelerate behavioural change for every single employee.

"Your people don’t need more knowledge, they need better behaviours." 

The Learning & Development Problem

Traditional L&D is failing to deliver the performance your business needs


of knowledge from theoretical learning
is forgotten after just one month


of knowledge employees learn in training
is never applied in the workplace

The Solution

Targeted behaviour change that transforms employee performance


Leverage Competency Frameworks

Harness the power of your competency frameworks with personalised learning challenges targeted at every level.


Deliver Learning at Lightning Speed

Increase performance in weeks, not months, with learning that embeds the behaviours and competencies you need.


Utilise Your Existing Workforce

You have the right people, but they need the right behaviours. Behaviour change programmes go beyond knowledge transfer and equip your people with the skills that they need to practice and grow in order to deliver on your business goals.


Leverage Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the most effective way of learning, but LMSs and instructor-led training fails to truly harness its potential. Our behaviour change programmes ensure your people have real-world experience that they can apply.


Engage with Purpose

Deliver engaging learning that doesn’t just change behaviour, it changes the world, as every learning project that your employees complete on Ethical Angel supports a charity, social enterprise or purpose-driven business.

How it Works

Join the world’s leading companies in realising that the future of L&D is behaviour change

The Results

Leadership Development at Pepsi

Our results speak for themselves, but don’t take our word for it. Thanks to our behaviour change interventions, PepsiCo were able to embed new behaviours in their leadership and development team to drive team performance.