What can angels help me with?

Angels are different from regular volunteers. They are full time business employees, who offer a range of skills and competencies which can hugely benefit Causes. They can help to up-skill your staff, complete one off projects which require an expert touch or provide advice using their expertise.

They are focused on providing specialist skills and knowledge and therefore differ from traditional volunteers; who may get involved in more hands on work with your beneficiaries, or other forms of traditional volunteering. Ethical Angel aims to provide something different to typical volunteering, focusing on skills to supplement and/or support traditional volunteering, rather than totally replace it.

For example, the Ethical Angel Masterclass Zone is the home of our Masterclasses which are a series of totally free courses that have been put together by our business Angels and industry experts to give global causes access to industry expertise and guidance that they wouldn’t normally be able to get. So, if you work in a charity, social enterprise, NGO or not-for-profit, you can now get on-demand guidance in a range of areas that will help you to get started on new projects or improve your current ways of working by providing an introduction to a topic alongside professional insight from the creator.