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Drive soft skills development in your organisation with Ethical Angel, the only platform that transforms the needs of global causes into valuable training experiences

What makes Ethical Angel so valuable:


Award Winning Technology

Celebrated and recognised by Media and Government


Employee Retention Factors

Unique features proven to reduce voluntary staff turnover


Rich and Live Reporting

Detailed and granular to show you ROI and L&D transformation


Safe, Secure and Scalable

ISO 27001 certified to protect you and your people wherever they are

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Users love Ethical Angel

We average a Net-Promoter Score of +76 across users


Whether using Ethical Angel for experiential learning or virtual volunteering, we provide users with an engaging, encouraging and exciting environment that makes it easy for them to do something valuable for all. 

  • Ethical Angel creates and curates all the content - ensuring reliably amazing experiences for your people
  • From personality type to aspirations - every user receives a personal and rewarding experience
  • As a ISO27001 certified solution - you can be assured that your people will have a safe and secure experience

Some of our valued subscribers:

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How can we benefit you?

Our ExL solution consistently scores highly with users - but did you know you can also see your Return on Investment? Check it out here: 

Our technology packages the varied needs of causes from all over the world.

Causes love Ethical Angel

We have thousands of beneficiaries in over 52 countries


Charities, startups, NGOs and social enterprises are all welcome to register for membership with Ethical Angel. It is your marketplace to learn and order the projects you need from our global community of experts. 

  • Totally free for causes to use - just apply for membership and we will let you know when your account is approved
  • We are constantly updating our project types - so keep checking our Masterclass Zone to find projects that might help your cause
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Are You a Cause looking for Pro Bono support?

Charities, social enterprises, NGOs, impact-startups and non-profits. If you are a purpose driven organisation you can apply for membership today and receive support on a variety of areas for free.

Ethical Angel Blog

We love to share our thoughts and those of our community, from podcasts to interviews, announcements to reflections. They are all here:

How to Measure Soft Skills In The Workplace

Ethical Angel -  
20 October 2021
Jack Ma, the chairman of Alibaba, says soft skills are the future. Humans cannot process data quicker than machines, so don’t try. Do what they can't, which is collaborate, ...

Alvin's Podcast: Anum Mall, Founder & Chair of WHEWW

Alvin Muhwezi -  
1 October 2021
On this podcast, I talk to Anum Mall the Founder and Chair of The World Health, Education and Women Welfare Trust UK (WHEWW) a non-profit grant-making organisation supporting ...

Why You Need to Start Measuring Soft Skills

Joseph Hrycak -  
30 September 2021
It’s 2021. Every L&D and HR leader knows that soft skills are more important than ever, right? This may not be news to everyone, as the shift of focus from pure technical ...

Long Live The Middle Manager

Alex Fahie -  
20 September 2021
There is so much written about the role and value of middle management, those running teams of up to 15 people. Over the years they have received a lot of criticism, but in ...

Alvin's Podcast: Victoria Craig, L&D Manager at Portico

Alvin Muhwezi -  
13 September 2021
"On this edition of the Ethical Angel Podcast we talk to Victoria Craig the Learning and Development Manager at Portico about Employee Engagement and why it that much more ...

Alvin's Podcast: Alexander Fahie, CEO and Founder of Ethical Angel

Alex Fahie -  
31 August 2021
"On this podcast, I talk to Alexander Fahie the Founder and CEO of Ethical Angel about the importance of employee engagement particularly as the workplace continues to evolve, the ...

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