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90% of learning is forgotten by employees after just 30 days

That's where we come in...

"Our learners improved targeted skills by 55%"

Jennifer Stevens, L&D Manager | PepsiCo EMEA


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How we support your business 

Valued by dozens of employers from multi-national companies to startups - Ethical Angel matches your people with real-world learning experiences to practice the skills they need to succeed.

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  Save time, low-resource, high-impact learning experience

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  Save energy, with a plug-and-play solution that's scalable

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  Save money, with a measurable return on investment

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How we support your employees

Learning that is personal, engaging and highly effective - more than that - it also results in measurable social impact.

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  Boost behaviours, combining deep science and technology to deliver targeted and engaging learning

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  Boost skills, give learners the opportunity to practice competencies safely. Improving retention by 80%

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  Boost impact, turn your employee learning and development time into an engine for good

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Why it matters

Practice makes perfect and giving your people a safe, real-world opportunity to learn by doing is proven to develop the skills that matter. 

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  More learner satisfaction

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  More engagement and retention

Ethical Angel Icon-01-1  More successful outcomes


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