Unlock the Future of Learning With the Power of Practice

We enhance development programmes by providing practice opportunities through real-world experiences.


"Our learners improved targeted skills by 55%"
Jennifer Stevens, L&D Manager | PepsiCo EMEA


Using The Power of Practice to Enhance Knowledge Retention

We enhance training programs by providing practice opportunities through pro-bono work.

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"Our learners improved targeted skills by 55%"
Jennifer Stevens, L&D Manager | PepsiCo EMEA

Ethical Angel

The Missing Piece of Your Learning and Development Programme

Easily practice and develop the  competencies and behaviours that matter by harnessing the needs of good causes as real-world learning experiences. We call it 'Learning with Purpose'.
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Who We Are?


Ethical Angel connects learners with charitable organisations, enabling them to apply their skills and behaviours in a real-world setting, fostering essential competencies for success all while adding to your social impact goals.

This hands-on approach reduces knowledge loss from 90% to 30%, helping you to: 

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost knowledge retention by over 135%

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost CSR and turn learning into an engine for good

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost skills and behaviours by over 50%

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost learner engagement

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Retain more staff

Ethical Angel Logo

Who We Are?

We're Ethical Angel. We help L&D teams improve knowledge retention and enhance employees' competencies by partnering them with charities who need help. Enabling practical application of targeted skills and behaviours in real-world scenarios. 

5 Benefits of Working with Ethical Angel:

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Increase the ROI of your training programmes

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost knowledge retention by over 135%

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost employee behaviours

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost learner engagement 

Untitled_design__32_-removebg-preview (1) Boost real-world impact

How It Works

We’ve worked with a multitude of businesses from global companies to small-scale startups to enhance their learning and development strategies with real-world learning; harnessing the power of practice to turbocharge both knowledge retention and engagement. 

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How It Works

We help L&D teams improve knowledge retention and enhance employees' behaviours by partnering them with charities who need help. Enabling practical application of targeted behaviours in real-world scenarios. Read through to see how we help:

Step 1: Design the program

Our team will work with you to understand the learning goals that you are trying to achieve:​

What skills?​ What behaviours? What time frame?​

Step 2: Create the projects

Our team will reach out to our extensive network of charities to ensure there is a project ready to go for the learner(s) when they are ready to practice:

  1. Community - we have established a close-knit community of active good causes and regularly update them to keep them informed of progress and opportunities.​
  2. Prep - we frequently survey our charities requirements to develop and assign projects. This information helps us match charities with learners for mutually beneficial experiences.​
  3. Delivery - projects are sourced, hosted, and managed through the Ethical Angel platform, supported by our user success team.

Step 3: Project initiation

Our team is committed to collaborating closely with your organisation and the causes to ensure a seamless process. This includes:​

  1. Pre-project welcome sessions, where we introduce Ethical Angel to the learners and explain how it works.​
  2. A dedicated account manager who will be with you from the project's beginning to completion, handling everything in between. ​
  3. Weekly drop-in sessions for any questions, queries, and casual check-ins to stay connected.

Step 4: Project interaction 

The learner journey comprises four stages carefully designed to guide learners through their experience. Throughout this journey, our team is readily available to provide support every step of the way.

  1. Discovery: Learners and the charity get acquainted and discuss the brief.​
  2. Design: Learners prepare a first draft of the deliverable.​​
  3. Delivery: Learners present their first draft and receive feedback.​
  4. Review: Learners submit the final draft for review.

Step 5: Project feedback

Upon conclusion, the charity offers feedback on both the project and the behaviours linked to the learning initiative. 

Administrators and team leaders get rich 360 reporting to understand progress and target future learning.

Transform Your Learning and Development with Ethical Angel

Transform Your Learning and Development with Ethical Angel

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