Ethical Angel

The Missing Piece of Your Learning and Development Programme

Give your employees engaging and effective opportunities to practice and develop the skills and behaviours that matter. All whilst supporting charities, NGOs and good causes from around the world. We call it 'Learning with Purpose'.
Ethical Angel

The Missing Piece of Your Learning and Development Programme

Easily practice and develop the  competencies and behaviours that matter by harnessing the needs of good causes as real-world learning experiences. We call it 'Learning with Purpose'.
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Learning with Purpose

You already have access to incredible tools, providers and trainers for educating your people with the knowledge they need as a bare minimum to do their job.

But what about skills and behaviours? The tradecraft that leads to better performance, productivity and happiness? These qualities are learnt in a very different way, they are learnt by doing.

Ethical Angel provides just that, with real-world learning experiences that help learners grow targeted skills and behaviours all whilst supporting charities, social enterprises, and NGOs around the world.

The result? Emotive, effective learning that also makes a positive impact.

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