Natu Hadish
By Natu Hadish on March 27, 2024

Making L&D Engaging for Your People

Making L&D engaging and interesting is one of the crucial battles of learning leaders as people look for tailored and relevant opportunities to drive their performance and careers forward. Let's look at 4 ways you can boost engagement in your L&D initiatives:

1. Avoid one size fits all 

The workforce is filled with diverse needs, and the best way to service this is by providing your people with varied learning opportunities. Ideally, people need flexibility and choice to learn in the way that best suits them, in line with their goals. Whether it’s focusing on different topics or using different platforms/methods, people need learning to be designed with the subject in mind, as this will drive better inputs, in engagement, which in turn will maximise learning outputs.  

2. Progress tracking 

It’s not all about the destination, learning is encapsulated by the journey. People need to be able to understand their progression, what they’ve learned, how well they’re performing and how this feeds into the end goal. Whether it’s in the form of a centralised LMS (Learning management system) or another tool, the value of tracking progress is undeniable as it allows learners to own their individual learning journey with tailored and personalised insights, in relation to their targets. This can be delivered through regular and timely feedback, or even 360 feedback in collaborative work. 

3. Encourage collaboration 

The benefits of collaboration go beyond learning. Working together creates connections that help people learn together, but also drives solutions, so the benefits to the business as a whole are wide. It promotes self-reflection as teams can learn from each other's strengths as well as understanding their own areas for improvement within a team setting. Therefore, collaboration is highly valuable as it gets people together and out of their comfort zones, to drive engagement through curiosity and connection.  

4. Meaningful practice opportunities 

Learning doesn’t end within the confines of a classroom, activity or presentation. People need opportunities to flex their new skills in an environment where it counts. However, this is all about balance, as people need the space and safety to practice skills in an environment where they can learn without the burdens of getting things wrong and impacting themselves and their team/targets. By providing safe but meaningful opportunities, people can consolidate their learnings and gain confidence to express new ideas/ways of working on future projects and truly understand the value of what they have learned. 



At Ethical Angel, we provide tailored opportunities to practice skills in a safe environment. We’ve built our product to provide the flexibility needed for your people, with opportunities to collaborate, reflect with 360 feedback and enjoy putting their skills into practice in a way that’s meaningful to them. We curate structured learning projects to help your people practice vital soft skills by working with good causes who need their help. 

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Published by Natu Hadish March 27, 2024
Natu Hadish