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Future-Proofing Through Leadership Development


Future-Proofing Through Leadership Development 

White Paper | 2023

In this white paper, we look at the latest research in L&D, the changing landscape and why investment in leadership development is essential.

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The L&D Scorecard


The Learning and Development Scorecard

Scorecard | 2023

Take this 3-minute scorecard to get a personalised 12-page report identifying your learning strategies strengths and weaknesses.

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Optimising L&D Through the Power of Practice


Optimising L&D Through the Power of Practice

White Paper | 2023

This white paper explores the importance of practical application and experiential learning to enhance knowledge retention and performance.

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How It Works


How It Works | Ethical Angel

Guide | 2023

With L&D we know seeing is believing - take a 30-second deep-dive into the Ethical Angel platform, and see the magic for yourself!
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White Paper - The Power of Behaviour Change in Business


The Power of Behaviour Change 

White Paper | 2022

Discover what behaviour change actually is, how it can be utilised and the benefits of adoption for both businesses and learners alike.

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Competency Framework


Universal Competency Framework

Guide | 2022

Ethical Angel has combined the competency frameworks of 30+ businesses to discover common themes at various employee stages.

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Case Studies and Interviews

Business Power Maps (7)


PepsiCo Scale Trial

Case Study | 2022

Following the successful pilot with PepsiCo in 2021 they wanted to explore the scalability of our technology and challenged the team to deploy to a globally diverse user base.

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PepsiCo Case Study

Case Study | 2021

In 2021 PepsiCo subscribed to our experiential learning solution to overcome a number of challenges they had identified with their learning and development programme.

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Ethical Angel 2022 Investment


Founder Interview

Video | 2022

Ethical Angel Founder, Alexander Fahie, shares this reflections on the origin of Ethical Angel, the journey and our landing in Education Technology.

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4. Climate Ed Case Study - Video (1)-thumb-1


Cause Case Studies

Case Studies | 2021

With thousands of projects completed we have collected just a few case studies from causes we partner with.

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Purple and Teal Text-heavy Accounting Consultancy Finance LinkedIn Video Ad-1


Columbia Business School & Iponweb Case Study

Case Study | 2022

Learning leaders from Columbia Business School and Iponweb completed a project on Ethical Angel to get a taste of learning with purpose.

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Tackling the Knowledge Retention Crisis: How to Make Learning Stick

Henry Butters -  
1 June 2023
Picture this: You invest time, effort, and resources into training your employees, equipping them with valuable knowledge and skills. But here's the harsh reality: within a week, ...

Emerging Trends and Best Practices in Leadership Development

Henry Butters -  
18 May 2023
Leadership - it's the heartbeat of every successful organisation. But here's the catch: despite the jaw-dropping $366 billion invested in leadership development programs globally ...

Why Failure Is the Secret to Effective L&D...

Samantha Read -  
6 April 2023
Since we were children, we've been conditioned to believe that failure is a bad thing that must be avoided at all costs. In some cases this might be true, but what if we told you ...

5 Ways To Ensure Purpose is at the Heart of Your L&D

Henry Butters -  
29 March 2023
88% of employees want their employers to deliver purpose in the form of meaningful experiences and CSR. And... 86% of millennials would consider leaving their job if their ...

The 6 Steps to Implementing Experiential Learning Into Your Business

Henry Butters -  
21 March 2023
It is often said that learning through experience, “experiential learning”, is the answer to honing and advancing key skills within business. Allowing learners to improve critical ...

L&D Trends vs Theoretical Learning

Samantha Read -  
17 March 2023
L&D trends come and go, so as 2023 takes hold we wanted to put a few of this year's top trending L&D strategies up against the age-old classic... theoretical learning.  ...