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Recession Proofing


Recession Proof your Business with Leadership Development

White Paper | 2022

In this white paper, we look at the latest research in L&D, how this recession will be different and why investment in leadership development is essential for every business.

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White Paper - The Power of Behaviour Change in Business


The Power of Behaviour Change in Business

White Paper | 2022

Discover what behaviour change actually is, how it can be utilised and the benefits of adoption for businesses that provide a work environment that supports it. 

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RoI Analysis


Analysis of Ethical Angel's Return on Investment

White Paper | 2022

Ethical Angel understands the importance of this for clients, and has conducted analysis of L&D research to show the estimated RoI of investing in the Ethical Angel platform.

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Competency Framework


Universal Competency Framework

Guide | 2022

Ethical Angel has combined the competency frameworks of 30+ businesses, public sector organisations and charities to discover common themes at various employee stages.

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Learning & Development Post Pandemic


Learning and Development in a Post-Pandemic World

White Paper | 2022

We explore employee development using real-world experiences and the opportunities they provide across a range of necessary skills in a post-pandemic world.

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Power Skills Guide


Power Skills: Identifying Key Skills For Future Workforce

Guide | 2021

More than ever, there is a need for “power skills”. Skills which differentiate the most successful people and, if widely adopted, the organisations within which they operate.

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HubSpot Video

Learning Experience Design

Video | 2022

Find out what ingredients are required to create learning experiences that maximise value for learners and empower them to achieve their individual learning goals.

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Purpose and Causes

Video | 2022

Good causes are not just beneficiaries of Ethical Angel - they are our partners who we work with to grow. Learn more by watching this video with Natu, our Head of User Success.

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The Academic Board

Video | 2022

In the building of projects to satisfy targeted learning goals, ever improving learner UX and ensuring good causes get the value they need with ease - we rely upon our Academic Board. 

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From interviews with learning leaders to testimonials from causes. You can watch them all here:

Case Studies and Interviews

Business Power Maps (7)


PepsiCo Case Study

Case Study | 2022

Following the successful pilot with PepsiCo in 2021 they wanted to explore the scalability of our technology and challenged the team to deploy to a globally diverse user base.

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PepsiCo Case Study

Case Study | 2021

In 2021 PepsiCo subscribed to our experiential learning solution to overcome a number of challenges they had identified with their learning and development programme.

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Ethical Angel 2022 Investment


Founder Interview

Video | 2022

Ethical Angel Founder, Alexander Fahie, shares this reflections on the origin of Ethical Angel, the journey and our landing in Education Technology.

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Cause Case Studies

Case Studies | 2021

With thousands of projects completed we have collected just a few case studies from causes we partner with.

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Columbia Business School & Iponweb Case Study

Case Study | 2022

Learning leaders from Columbia Business School and Iponweb completed a project on Ethical Angel to get a taste of learning with purpose.

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Webinars and Articles


How Does Ethical Angel Create Valuable Learning Experiences?

Natu Hadish -  
11 August 2022
(5:00 minutes) Just want to listen... click here:▶️ At Ethical Angel, we’re committed to providing valuable learning experiences. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching what ...
Learning and Development Competency Frameworks

Competency Frameworks – What Are They? And What Are Their Benefits ...

Martin Bleazard -  
10 March 2022
Competency frameworks are an age-old topic in learning and development, but the majority of businesses are yet to truly harness them to drive employee performance. On one side, ...
Learning Behaviour Change Learning and Development Theoretical Learning

Your Online Learning Isn't Working...

Ethical Angel -  
1 March 2022
The aim of learning and development is, of course, to improve employees’ skills and knowledge to make them more effective and productive within their role. However, as L&D ...
business Learning Soft Skills Experiential Learning Learning and Development

5 Reasons to Integrate Behaviour Change into Your L&D Programme

Ethical Angel -  
25 February 2022
Over the last few years, there is one thing that has defined L&D more than anything, and that is change. Whether that be embracing new and improved technology, the rise to the ...
Learning Soft Skills Employee Development

5 Reasons You Need to Audit Your Employees' Soft Skills

Ethical Angel -  
20 January 2022
To build a successful sales campaign, the first step by any good salesperson is research. To build a solid marketing strategy, the first step by any good marketer is research. As ...
Soft Skills Experiential Learning Learning and Development

5 Benefits of Purpose-led Learning & Development

Ethical Angel -  
11 November 2021
The CIPD definition of learning and development is to create the right culture and environment for individuals and organisations to learn and grow. But currently, some would say, ...