What data is available to me as a business admin and how do I access it?

The reporting page and data exports track a number of datapoints to help you calculate ROI. It is generally split across the main areas of learning outcomes, employee engagement,  and impact metrics. It is all updated in real-time as your users work on projects. The data is accessible to any admins on your account.

Reports include:

  • Most active users
  • High performing users
  • Highly rated project types,
  • Top scored behaviours
  • Employee reflections on behaviours practised
  • Cause feedback on behaviours practised
  • Global impact map
  • Employee net promoter scoring (snapshot and over time)
  • Total time given
  • Total costs saved by causes who have worked on projects with your people

To access the reports, simply login to Ethical Angel and click on 'Reports' on the top menu. Here is our example leaf report with the most important and accessible data included:

Leaf Report