White Paper: Learning & Development in a Post Pandemic World

Covid-19 has changed the world of work as we know it forever. The role of the office has changed, employees are demanding increased purpose and traditional forms of learning are no longer good enough, but what does that mean for the learning and development landscape?

Download our white paper to find out how learning and development is changing and what your business can do to get ahead of the curve.

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What You'll Learn in this White Paper


What the Latest Research has Revealed About the L&D Landscape

We explore the latest research from Gartner, CIPD, LinkedIn, Deloitte and other leading organisations to identify the key trends developing in the L&D landscape


The Importance of Soft Skills in a Post-pandemic World

Business leaders report that they could increase revenue by up to 17.5% if employees had better soft skills, but what makes these skills so essential for growth?


Where L&D Leaders Are focusing Their Training Efforts in 2022

What training should be delivered to ensure working from home doesn’t create silos? What can businesses do differently to ensure they are still appealing to top talent?

About Ethical Angel

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Learning & Development for the Employee of Today

Ethical Angel is the #1 purpose-led learning platform for soft skill development and technical practice platform with a difference.

Built for the employee of today, it combines revolutionary experiential learning with purpose-led projects that don't just deliver learning gains, they truly engage staff and allow them to turn their learning time into an engine for global good.

The Result: A truly engaging learning and development development programme that increases the skills and the retention of knowlege.

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Learning & Development That Delivers Results

Whether you're looking to improve the skills of junior employees or increase productivity through leadership and management training, Ethical Angel delivers. 

Don't take our word for it though. Ethical Angel delivers proven results, with PepsiCo seeing increases of 54% in their managers' soft skills.

How? Through experiential learning's unique ability to provide scenarios that managers just aren't exposed to enough in their day to day roles.

What People Say About Ethical Angel
“Ethical Angel allowed our managers to work externally on real-life projects which helped give them a different perspective, pushed them out of their comfort zones and got them to think differently”
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Jennifer Stevens
L&D Manager, PepsiCo Europe