Ethical Angel

The Missing Piece of Your Learning and Development Programme

Give your people the real-life experiences to target skills and behaviours that unlock their full potential with Learning with Purpose
Ethical Angel

The Missing Piece of Your Leadership Development Programme

Unlock the full potential of your leaders with real-world learning that delivers the skills they need to succeed in today’s world of work.
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Learning with Purpose

Your people don’t want cookie-cutter, classroom-based teaching. They want real-world opportunities to learn with purpose. Ethical Angel provides just that, with real-world learning experiences that help learners grow targeted skills and behaviours all whilst supporting charities, social enterprises, and NGOs around the world.

The result? Higher learner satisfaction, increased engagement, social impact and more capable leaders.

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How Does Ethical Angel Create Valuable Learning Experiences?

Natu Hadish -  
10 August 2022
(5:00 minutes) Just want to listen... click here:▶️ At Ethical Angel, we’re committed to providing valuable learning experiences. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching what ...

Charity Partnering with Ethical Angel - why and what does it mean for ...

Natu Hadish -  
4 July 2022
(5:00 minutes) Just want to listen... click here:▶️ Ethical Angel is a free outsourcing platform for charities. Our mission is simple: To provide charities with access to ...
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Ethical Angel and 10Eighty Partnership Announcement

Ethical Angel -  
4 March 2022
Ethical Angel is proud to be partnering with 10Eighty, a leading learning and development consultancy firm, that is at the forefront of innovation, to drive behaviour change ...

"Don't you just love it when a plan comes together"

Baggator Nexus -  
5 February 2022
We are in a recession. Friends and neighbours are staring into an abyss. Others, through luck and Privilege, are pressing on with their agendas. BS5 (Easton) in Bristol has wealth ...

5 Reasons You Need to Audit Your Employees' Soft Skills

Ethical Angel -  
24 January 2022
To build a successful sales campaign, the first step by any good salesperson is research. To build a solid marketing strategy, the first step by any good marketer is research. As ...

Leaders Say Workplaces Lack Soft Skills: What Needs to Change?

Ethical Angel -  
6 January 2022
As the technological revolution takes hold and business, as we know it, continues to change - good leaders need to be able to adapt. They need to be able to adapt to the ...