White Paper: The Power of Behaviour Change in Business

As L&D professionals, we all know there are a plethora of trending approaches, acronyms and buzzwords we need to keep up with every year. Yet despite all of this, there is one glaring omission - behaviour change. After all, our goal is to equip employees with the skills needed to perform, right? Wrong.

It is behaviours, not knowledge and skills, that truly define how an employee approaches their role. As L&D leaders we must realise that we are in the business of behaviour change, and design our strategies accordingly...

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What You'll Learn in this White Paper


What Behaviour Change
In Business Is

Discover what behaviour change is andhow it can be utilised within your business.


How Behaviour Change
In Business Works

Understand how behaviours are formed, what triggers them, and how they are reinforced.


Why L&D Needs Behaviour Change at Its Core

Learn why behaviour change needs to be at the core of your L&D strategy to drive business performance.

About Ethical Angel

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Learning & Development for the Employee of Today

Ethical Angel is a workforce behavioural change accelerator with a difference.

Using Ethical Angel, you can embed competency frameworks and the personal development plans of your people to target any capability gaps with SMART experiential learning challenges. Challenges, not only proven to change behaviours but also make a positive impact on the world, as each one supports a real charity, social enterprise or NGO.

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Learning & Development That Delivers Results

Whether you're looking to improve the skills of junior employees or increase productivity through leadership and management training, behaviour change with Ethical Angel delivers. 

Don't take our word for it though. Our partnership with PepsiCo increased their managers' leadership and coaching abilities by 54%.

How? Through behaviour change's unique ability to provide people with targeted experiential learning challenges.

What People Say About Ethical Angel
“Ethical Angel allowed our managers to work externally on real-life projects which helped give them a different perspective, pushed them out of their comfort zones and got them to think differently”
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Jennifer Stevens
L&D Manager, PepsiCo Europe