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How do projects work?

Projects are personalised learning experiences which help you target and develop the behaviours you need to progress your career, all whilst making a positive impact.

Ethical Angel allows you to target behaviours to help learn and develop the necessary skills to progress your career. Each project provides you with a personalised learning experience

We offer a variety of learning experiences which differ in length and nature. We have developed 3 different categories of projects:

  • Create: Creating content/documents/policy and more
  • Interact: Providing advice, mentoring and/or coaching
  • Review: Critical assessment of a piece of content/document/policy or more

Every learning experience is comprised of 4 consistent stages. At the end of each stage you will be prompted to provide and receive feedback related to your behavioural developemnt goals. See the 4 stages below: 





Broad behavioural themes

Stage 1


Scoping out the project, asking questions, creating proposals

Communication, Leadership

Stage 2 


Researching, completing a first draft

Strategic and Analytical Thinking, Commercial Acumen, Change management, Self-Management, Decision making

Stage 3 


Presentation, review and receive feedback

Collaboration, Empathy and Inclusion, Coaching and Mentoring

Stage 4


Iteration and final review

Continuous Improvement, Problem solving, Achieving Results


If you would like to learn more about how Ethical Angel creates valuable learning experiences, please click here