The Best Way To Learn Is By Doing

We are the missing piece in your L&D strategy. We provide your people with effective and engaging opportunities to practice skills and to develop targeted behaviours all whilst supporting good causes around the world.

Ethical Angel

The Missing Piece of Your Learning and Development Programme

Easily practice and develop the  competencies and behaviours that matter by harnessing the needs of good causes as real-world learning experiences. We call it 'Learning with Purpose'.
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The Learner Journey

Ethical Angel guides your people through a 4 stage learning experience allowing them to practice skills and behaviours at every step of the process. Check out the learner journey below for a taste of what your learners can expect:

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Stage 1.


Typically this stage is the first interaction between a cause and a learner. We expect learners to be using this period to ask questions, put together a short proposal and establish a direction for the project...

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Stage 2.


At this stage, the learner is expected to begin working independently to plan and draft the first version of the deliverable. The learner will use insights collected in stage 1 as well as the relevant behaviours to complete this stage.

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Stage 3.


This stage should be utilised to present and review the first draft of the deliverable. It's an opportunity for the learner to collaborate, reflect, and practice safely in the real world.

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Stage 4.

Final review

At this stage, the learner should incorporate any feedback provided to deliver an improved final draft by resolving any outstanding problems and showing determination to successfully deliver on the scope.

Transform Your Learning and Development with Ethical Angel

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