The Best Way To Learn Is By Doing

But, providing these opportunities to your people is challenging and expensive. Ethical Angel solves this problem.

Ethical Angel offers your people the opportunity to learn targeted skills and behaviours by doing. All whilst supporting real charities and causes around the world. We call it Learning with Purpose.

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What is Ethical Angel?

Ethical Angel uses technology to partner with charities and good causes around the world to automatically create, and target the perfect learning experience for any employee. The learning is experiential, engaging and highly effective - more than that - it also results in social impact.

We call it learning with purpose.

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"Our leaders improved targeted skills by 55%"

Jennifer Stevens, L&D Manager | PepsiCo EMEA


How does Ethical Angel work?

Ethical Angel merges deep science with technology to make it easy for employers to target learning goals for different teams and individuals in their organisation.

Our five-step loop ensures every learner is matched with the right learning experience "project" that not only enables them to experience and grow but also feel the benefit of making a positive social impact. This experience instills long-lasting change that improves performance.

We call it learning with purpose.

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    Step 1.

    Behaviour Targeting

    Use our 'Universal Competency Framework' or share your team goals with Ethical Angel. We will use them to create projects, that will give learners the opportunity to experience and develop targeted behaviours and deliver social impact.

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  • Ethical Angel

    Step 2.

    Match With a Cause

    Having created projects that target the right behaviours we put your learners into teams. Meanwhile, our platform promotes your projects to our good cause membership of 19,000 charities, social enterprises and NGOs.

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  • Reporting on Ethical Angel

    Step 3.

    Real-World Learning

    Your learners complete projects, practicing the targeted behaviour safely and in the real-world by working directly with a good cause. On completion, we capture feedback and impact from the benefiting cause and self-reflections from your learners. 

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  • Individual

    Step 4.

    Reporting and GAP Analysis

    Each learner will have different feedback and reflections, ensuring Ethical Angel can automatically match that learner with additional projects to close their gaps and unlock their potential.

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  • Step 5

    Step 5.

    Self-Led Learning

    Ethical Angel ensures that any learner, can be connected with real-world experiences at a time that suits them and for causes they care about. The process creates a virtuous cycle of behavioural development and growth.

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Does Ethical Angel Work?

Ethical Angel combines real-world learning, purpose and targeted behaviour change to help your leaders reach their potential.


Up to 298% Return on Investment

We understand the importance of return on investment "RoI" for our clients. Analysis on our app shows that employers can expect a return of up to 298%. This is a result of reduced staff turnover, increased engagement and improved workforce productivity.


Improving Leadership Skills at PepsiCo by 55%

Our results speak for themselves, but don’t take our word for it. Thanks to our real-world learning and behaviour change interventions, PepsiCo were able to embed new behaviours in their leadership team to drive team performance.


"Brilliant" Net-Promoter Score for Learners

We are constantly surveying users to ensure the the experiences they are matched with on Ethical Angel are engaging and valuable. Our average for the past 12 months is a NPS of +76, a "brilliant" ranking.

The Results

Leadership Development at Pepsi

Our results speak for themselves, but don’t take our word for it. Thanks to our behaviour change interventions, PepsiCo were able to embed new behaviours in their leadership and development team to drive team performance.

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