Are You Learning With Purpose?

Equip your employees with the skills they need for the future of work with experiential learning that supports global causes

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Are You Learning With Purpose?

Equip your employees with the skills they need for the future of work with experiential learning that supports global causes

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Learning With Purpose

The Benefits


Personalised Learning

Democratise your learning and development programs with Ethical Angel's ExL plan. Give each employee the opportunity to develop their soft 'power' skills in line with their aspirations.


  • 94% of users say personalised learning is critical to their success
  • 77% of L&D professionals think personalised learning is vital to employee engagement

Goal Setting and Reporting

Develop the soft 'power' skills most important to your organisation and use the live reporting to see how it is transforming your employees in their reflections and real-world feedback from causes.         


  • 12 soft 'power' skills for employees to self-asses, develop and reflect on
  • +86 average net-promoter score across our employee users in 2021

Make An Impact

All of the experiential learning projects on Ethical Angel benefit real causes around the World. So you can learn and make a measurable positive impact on a cause at the same time.


  • 100s of projects delivered by employees to causes every week
  • 52 countries. Ethical Angel has cause users all over the globe, a global positive community

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Some of our subscribers:

Who we are helping today

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Why Experiential Learning?

Many businesses rely on theoretical learning due to its ease of implementation and the ability to give a consistent learning experience to all staff, but with remote working the new norm and the needs of businesses evolving as AI reforms job roles, training must evolve with it. 

Ethical Angel is a fully scalable experiential learning platform that offers your employees the learning experiences they need to drive development of power skills and consolidate theoretical learning of job specific skills.

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Develop the Skills That Matter: Power Skills.

From teamwork and collaboration, to resilience, adaptability and time management, power skills are the skills that matter most for the post covid workforce of the future. But with remote workforces dispersed around the world, how do you develop these essential skills? Ethical Angel has been designed to prepare your employees for the new world of work with real-world experiences that will help your team to develop the skills most in 2021.

We have a fantastic white paper on power skills:

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How It Works For Employees

Ethical Angel couldn’t be easier to use, which is why we’re the go to solution for experiential learning at scale.


Users complete their profile, tagging their role and position, completing a personality profiler and self-assessing their power skills


Having completed their profiles users can then see which power skills they need to level up - based on their personal aspirations


Ethical Angel’s technology matches the user with the real-world projects that users can experience to build their skills


Quantitative and qualitative feedback from every experience is captured and shared to evidence development

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Some Of Our Experts

We look after you to ensure you can look after others

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Emily Hillier

Head of User Success

Emily has dedicated her career to understanding the skills that make people most successful, and the potential for technology that can allow these to be developed at scale. With first hand experience at every level from secondary education through to corporate leadership development, she understands the nuances of the challenge of ensuring that people are prepared for the ever-evolving challenges of the world of work. She is particularly passionate about the role that real world experiences play in ensuring that learning is effectively embedded. Recently, Emily has been working alongside a wide variety of stakeholders to get a deep understanding of the key skills that employers and educational establishments should be focusing on to best prepare people for the workplace of the future.


Helping you today to help others tomorrow

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L&D In A Post-Pandemic World

Read our white paper on the future of learning and development and the new opportunity for employers. 

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ExL Implementation Guide - Cover


Experiential Learning Guide

Why is experiential learning so important? We draw upon industry experts, studies and clients.

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Ethical Angel's ExL Brochure

Get more detail on Ethical Angel's unique solution and it's benefits in this brochure.

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Confidence And Security



Ethical Angel is the only accredited member of CPD-UK for providing experiential learning of soft 'power' skills. This means your colleagues are able to record Continual Professional Development for the projects they complete using Ethical Angel.

ISO 27001

Ethical Angel is independently audited by the British Assessment Bureau on an ongoing basis to validate our high standards of information and data security. This ensures Ethical Angel is a safer and secure location for employee experiences.

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Learning With Purpose

How Ethical Angel brings impact into learning

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Why Impact Matters to Users

One of the biggest challenges for L&D professionals is engagement, and with the Purpose Generations (Millenials and Gen Z) making up the majority of the workforce it is more important than ever to build purpose into every element of work if you want to truly build engagement. On Ethical Angel, every learning experience is a project that has been requested by one of our good causes. This means your employees aren’t just learning, they’re supporting charities, social enterprises and not for profits to achieve more by delivering projects that are vital to their growth.




Why Impact Matters to Ethical Angel

We are proud to have been one of the first Certified B Corporations in the UK. Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. We are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and our environment. With this at our heart, we are on a mission to make it easier for global causes to get the things they need for free, using our software to turn those needs into valuable, experiential learning opportunities for your people.

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Masterclass Zone Causes discover and watch video tutorials. Ensuring they understand what the benefits of each project are and what a volunteer will do. (2)

PepsiCo - Case Study

100% of PepsiCo's users felt they improved the skills they need to do their job. Also:

  • Increase of 55% in leadership skills

  • +63 Net Promoter Score "Excellent" Rating

  • 100% of subscribers recorded increased confidence in one or more soft "power" skills


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