People Skills For People Leaders

Provide your people leaders and managers with opportunities to experience, practise and target specific soft skills with Ethical Angel.

Managing Your Team

Do You Have Enough Good Managers?

58% of managers have never had any training, even less have had the opportunity to build their soft skills.

We're here to change that with a solution that leaves theoretical learning behind to deliver real-life training experiences that actually drive soft skills development. Ethical Angel offers:

  • Real-life opportunities for users to experience and develop
    soft skills
  • A totally remote and scalable solution
  • Rich reporting to ensure easy access and clear RoI
  • Personalised learning for all your managers, from self-assessment to roadmapping their learning journey


Soft Skills

Some skills matter more than others, especially for managers. 

Ethical Angel enables users to target specific soft skills by engaging with and completing real-world projects

Which skills would most benefit your organisation?

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How Our Projects Target Skills:



About The Project

Develop your managers into a team that can drive career development and help junior staff reach their full potential in your organisation.


  • Work with a mentee at a Cause to understand their challenges and provide tailored support.
  • Guide your mentee to take the necessary steps to realise their career goals and work with them to overcome any barriers or obstacles between them and their next stage of development.
  • Gain valuable experience to support your own personal development.

Training Duration

16 hours spread over 4 weeks.

Soft Skills Development

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About The Project

Create a management team that is capable of transforming the needs of senior management into actionable strategies for the wider business.


  • Work with senior leader(s) within a cause to develop a tailored leadership strategy.
  • Utilise your teamwork, communication and problem solving skills to understand a causes’ leadership challenges and find strategic solutions to challenges.
  • Experience leadership and decision making when you consolidate your discussions into an actionable strategy.

Training Duration

16 hours spread over 4 weeks.

Soft Skills Development

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About The Project

Foster a coaching centric work culture in your business with managers that excel in empathy, communication and self-management.


  • Coach a team to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in teamwork.
  • Develop your skills in empathy, communication and collaboration by delivering fully inclusive team coaching that provides clear guidance and instruction.
  • Teamwork, problem-solving and coaching provide you with valuable experience to apply as a leader in your own role.

Training Duration

12 hours spread over 4 weeks.

Soft Skills Development


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Ethical Angel: Where Training Meets Social Impact

Ethical Angel transforms the needs of society into projects that support our network of causes and offer your employees meaningful learning experiences. That means you can train your teams while delivering social impact at scale, bringing together L&D and CSR, without ever compromising on the quality of data and learning.

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Masterclass Zone Causes discover and watch video tutorials. Ensuring they understand what the benefits of each project are and what a volunteer will do. (2)

PepsiCo Case Study

See how subscribing to Ethical Angel resulted in:
  • Increase of 55% in leadership skills
  • +63 Net Promoter Score "Excellent" Rating
  • 100% of subscribers recorded increased confidence in one or more soft  skills
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Charlotte Tomlins (3)

'Long Live the Middle Manager'

An article by Ethical Angel CEO, Alexander Fahie, on the decline and much needed renaissance of middle managers. But, only those with good people skills.

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'Leadership and Development Post Pandemic' White Paper

Download our white paper to find out how learning and development is changing and what your business can do to get ahead of the curve.

By downloading this white paper, you will:

  • Find out what the latest research into HR and L&D has discovered about the training landscape.
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'Soft Skills' White Paper

With increasing numbers of task and function based roles being taken over by technology, it is crucial that we prepare people with skills that are relevant and adaptable to a fast evolving environment.

Download our latest white paper to find out:

  • How technology is changing the skills workforces need to thrive
  • The key soft skills that your workforce will need in 2021 and beyond
  • How to develop your employees' soft skills
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