59% of Employees Don't Have a Clear Plan to Improve Their Soft Skills.

It's Time to Change That.

Ethical Angel is a soft skill development platform with a difference. Built from the ground up to be fully scalable for businesses of all sizes, Ethical Angel delivers personalised soft skills development for every single employee through meaningful experiential learning projects.

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Why Ethical Angel - Purpose-led Soft Skills Development

The Problem

Traditional Soft Skill Development Isn't Effective

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Not Engaging

Employees demand more from L&D than ever before, and traditional methods of soft skills development aren't engaging them.

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ILT Doesn't Work

Just 12% of knowledge from instructor-led training days is actually applied in an employee's day to day work.

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Low Scalability

From instructor-led training to simulation-based learning, most forms of soft skill development simply aren't scalable

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The Solution

Purpose-led Learning with Ethical Angel

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Ethical Angel introduces purpose to learning, increasing engagement by transforming L&D time into an engine for good. 

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Experiential learning delivers the soft skills that employees need to be effective in their roles, increasing productivity by up to 12%.

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Whether you've got 100 employees or 100,000, Ethical Angel's powerful AI makes it possible to deliver personalised development to all

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How it Works

Transforming Learning Into an Engine for Good

Ethical Angel captures the needs of causes through our social marketplace - where charities, social enterprises and NGOs can order the projects they need for the benefit of their organisations.

These projects are then matched with the personal learning needs, skills and interests of employees and managers. Providing them with engaging experiential learning that delivers vital soft skills.

Discover how Ethical Angel delivers purpose-led experiential learning in 5 steps.

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Deliver Skills for Employees

At Every Stage of Their Journey With Your Business

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The Future of Learning is Purposeful

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