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White Paper - The Power of Behaviour Change in Business


The Power of Behaviour Change in Business

White Paper | 2022

Discover what behaviour change actually is, how it can be utilised and the benefits of adoption for businesses that provide a work environment that supports it. 

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RoI Analysis


Analysis of Ethical Angel's Return on Investment

White Paper | 2022

Ethical Angel understands the importance of this for clients, and has conducted analysis of L&D research to show the estimated RoI of investing in the Ethical Angel platform.

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Behaviour Change Accelerator | Ethical Angel Brochure

Guide | 2022

Learn more about Ethical Angel and our unique application by reading this guide. In it you will learn how Ethical Angel works and why we add value to people, planet and profit.

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Learning and Development in a Post-Pandemic World

White Paper | 2022

We explore employee development using real-world experiences and the opportunities they provide across a range of necessary skills in a post-pandemic world.

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Power Skills: Identifying Key Skills For Future Workforce

White Paper | 2022

More than ever, there is a need for “power skills”. Skills which differentiate the most successful people and, if widely adopted, the organisations within which they operate.

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ExL Guide


Drive Learning & Development Through Experiential Learning

Guide | 2022

A fantastic guide on how your business can build a plan and benefit from providing all of your people with experiential learning opportunities.

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Webinars and Articles

Learning and Development Competency Frameworks

Competency Frameworks – What Are They? And What Are Their Benefits ...

Martin Bleazard -  
10 March 2022
Competency frameworks are an age-old topic in learning and development, but the majority of businesses are yet to truly harness them to drive employee performance. On one side, ...
Learning Behaviour Change Learning and Development Theoretical Learning

Your LMS Based Theoretical Learning Isn't Working...

Ethical Angel -  
1 March 2022
The aim of learning and development is, of course, to improve employees’ skills and knowledge to make them more effective and productive within their role. However, as L&D ...
business Learning Soft Skills Experiential Learning Learning and Development

5 Reasons to Integrate Behaviour Change into Your L&D Programme

Ethical Angel -  
25 February 2022
Over the last few years, there is one thing that has defined L&D more than anything, and that is change. Whether that be embracing new and improved technology, the rise to the ...
Learning Soft Skills Employee Development

5 Reasons You Need to Audit Your Employees' Soft Skills

Ethical Angel -  
20 January 2022
To build a successful sales campaign, the first step by any good salesperson is research. To build a solid marketing strategy, the first step by any good marketer is research. As ...
Soft Skills Experiential Learning Learning and Development

5 Benefits of Purpose-led Learning & Development

Ethical Angel -  
11 November 2021
The CIPD definition of learning and development is to create the right culture and environment for individuals and organisations to learn and grow. But currently, some would say, ...
Learning Soft Skills Leadership

Must-have Soft Skills for Today's Managers

Martin Bleazard -  
11 July 2021
As we strive to improve performance in our businesses, effective management is key – and it is important that managers possess certain characteristics for them to be truly ...

Case Studies and Interviews



PepsiCo Case Study

Case Study | 2021

In 2021 PepsiCo subscribed to our experiential learning solution to overcome a number of challenges they had identified with their learning and development programme.

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