Natu Hadish
By Natu Hadish on December 23, 2020

A Review of 2020

The Challenge

It’s been a tough year for causes... From charities to social enterprises, NGOs and all organisations who are fighting to make the world better, the challenges faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been unprecedented.

But our mission at EA is simple: We exist to make the world better… and we need you to help us. We gathered some small focus groups early in the year to hear your thoughts on how Ethical Angel can support you in these difficult times. Following your feedback, we made two key changes in the way we operate, to ensure you can get the expert support you need:

  • All of our projects became totally remote, meaning they can be completed virtually without ever meeting in person
  • We developed a library of projects, based on your needs to help you save time when looking for expert support on Ethical Angel.

Our response

Since then, over 714 hours have been given this year, all remotely by our network of angels to help support you, our community. The most popular projects completed by angels are as follows…:

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You can view an infographic with a breakdown of our most popular skills, most commonly applied projects and more information about our angels. Click here to download the infographic.

The future of Ethical Angel

In October 2020, we successfully launched Ethical Angel V2 - Your virtual marketplace for expert support. We developed the new platform with one key focus: How do we help you save time, money and energy? With the ability to discover and simply order support, we have seen a significant increase in usage, with over 250 projects currently ongoing on Ethical Angel.

We also decided to become the headline sponsor of UK Charity Week 2020 to illustrate our continued support to the sector in difficult times. In conjunction with charity week, we launched: The Ethical Angel Masterclass: interactive workshops designed and delivered by angels on an area of expertise chosen by you. We surveyed our community and you told us you wanted some expert insight to help you take your marketing to the next level - so we gave you our very first Copywriting Masterclass (click here and scroll down to ‘previous masterclasses’ to watch the recording.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So far, Ethical Angel has been a place for you to share your needs and be matched with angels who can help provide you with added skills and resource to complete specific projects... but we’ve been brainstorming on one question in particular: What more can we give you?

In 2021, Ethical Angel will continue to provide you with the resources to complete your projects, but we won’t stop there! We also want to create a space for growth, education and conversation to empower you to get more from our community of businesses and angels. You can expect:

  • Masterclasses with experts to help you learn new skills
  • Courses designed to educate you & plug skill gaps in your organisation
  • More events, content & insight from our network of angels

So, we wanted to say: Thank you for being part of our community, we have ambitious aims for 2021 and plan to keep growing our wide community of businesses to provide you with more resource and education in the new year with one single goal: To help you save time, money and energy by using Ethical Angel.

With more professional insight, expert support and new masterclasses to look forward to in 2021… Sign up to Ethical Angel to make sure you don’t miss out!

From the team at Ethical Angel, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Natu Hadish - Head of Causes

Published by Natu Hadish December 23, 2020
Natu Hadish