By Ethical Angel on March 04, 2022

Ethical Angel and 10Eighty Partnership Announcement

Ethical Angel is proud to be partnering with 10Eighty, a leading learning and development consultancy firm, that is at the forefront of innovation, to drive behaviour change through experiential learning.

10Eighty, is a specialist provider of career coaching based in the UK. Their expert group of coaches, facilitators and leadership consultants work with a large variety of clients, including King's College London, Rabobank and Travelodge, to build plans tailored to their organisation and goals. They are experts in developing leadership capability and helping organisations to increase employee engagement.


How is Ethical Angel Supporting 10Eighty?

Ethical Angel’s partnership will allow 10Eighty to take their learners' development to the next level, by giving them the real word experience needed to understand how to apply and embed knowledge they have gained from training. This will improve both performance and behaviours, whilst having a positive impact on the world, as each of our learning experiences supports a charity, social enterprise or NGO.

Ethical Angel CEO, Alexander Fahie, said: “Targeted experiential learning is often the missing piece of the puzzle in learning and development programmes, and 10Eighty’s passion to embed it in their learning programmes through Ethical Angel will be a huge benefit for all of the learners that they support.” We believe the partnership with 10Eighty will allow learners to take their development to the next level, by giving them the real-life experiences they need to understand how to apply the knowledge they have gained from training to improve performance and embed positive behaviours.

10Eighty chief executive, Michael Moran, says: “The most frequent criticism levelled at learning and development initiatives is that they fail to embed the learning in the business. Our partnership with Ethical Angel enables learners to take what they have learned and apply it in an environment that is unfamiliar but worthwhile. Ethical Angel arranges for the learner to work with a good cause, making a real difference while developing their learning agility. Today, more than at any other time, learning agility, being able to respond rapidly to fast-changing business conditions, is a key skill.”


About Ethical Angel

Ethical Angel is a behaviour change accelerator that embeds competency frameworks and the personal development plans of learners to target any capability gaps with SMART experiential learning challenges. Challenges that are matched to learners based on their exact learning needs. Learning on Ethical Angel also allows employees to transfer their L&D time into a force for good, as every project supports a good cause. Ethical Angel has made this possible by partnering with charities, social enterprises and purpose-driven businesses, and transforming their needs into micro-learning opportunities for employees within businesses. This results in learning projects that provide lightning-fast, measurable results for learners.

This makes Ethical Angel a perfect addition to 10Eighty’s services, as it provides groundbreaking real-world experiences in which learners are matched to projects based on their individual needs, allowing them to put into practice exactly what they’ve learned.

10Eighty Business Manager, Shannon Rowlands, used the platform and had this to say:  “I performed a website review for a charity supporting vulnerable children. I looked specifically at areas such as access to information about workshops and courses, how users shop and, more importantly, how to donate. I reviewed the look, feel and design of the website, providing options for improvements and general usability feedback. My Ethical Angel project allowed me to support a worthy cause. while developing my skills and knowledge and applying them to a real work situation.”

Ethical Angel greatly looks forward to working with 10Eighty to further revolutionise the learning and development space!

Published by Ethical Angel March 4, 2022