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Soft Skills - The Hybrid Workforce Hurdle Facing Your Organisation

Since the outbreak of Covid, we have seen the world changing at a rapid rate and notably, the way we work is another area that is undergoing a huge transformation. Although changes were initially enforced by circumstances, the majority of companies have now accepted this change and are actively encouraging their office workers to operate from home to some degree - now referred to as hybrid working. Many employees have warmly embraced this new way of working too, as it allows them to work flexibly and leaves them with more time to focus on family, health, hobbies and wellbeing. It can also help companies cut office rental costs and improve their performance thanks to happier staff who are working more effectively.

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What Is Corporate Volunteering

What is corporate volunteering and what are the benefits?

If you’re currently working in a business that is looking for meaningful ways to do more for both the local community that you’re working in and the broader community, there are many ways that you can give back. Fundraising is generally the most talked about option, but many businesses are now looking to corporate volunteering and seeing the benefits for both the organisations they support and their staff. However, before looking at the benefits of volunteering, we must first ask ourselves what is corporate volunteering? 

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